What is the difference between Aeropostale and Hollister Co. ?

Okay, like everybody in the U.S. started wearing Aeropostale and Hollister Co. Why does it matter which one you buy? They are both the same thing! I mean, everybody in my school mostly wears Aeropostale and Hollister Co. They don't really wear Ambercrombie and Fitch, or American Eagle! And they say, if you don't wear it, your not cool. Why does everyone mostly wear it?? I don't see why everyone has to be like everyone else. Tell me what your opinion is. Please don't say "because it's awesome" or something stupid like that. I want a real answer. And if you do say that. Your not getting any points. So, what is the difference, and why does everyone wear it? 20 points! <333

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    they wear it because it's what everyone else is wearing. because its generic, and you won't stand out by coming to school all decked out in exactly the same line of clothing. because hollister and aeropostale are the most unoriginal of the clothing chain shops at the mall (although abercrombie is too, but its way more pricey) and american eagle actually has a slight flair of uniqueness at times, and can look remotely trendy with certain items. that's what it was like at my middle school, but in my high school stores like that are sort of looked down at because they rip you off pricewise, for stuff thats really sort of average, and has no "one of a kind" sense. although i think jeans at hollister are adorable, and some bits of clothing from each of those stores can be nice in moderation, if you show up to school/work in strictly aeropostale, youre going to look just like the next 1000 girls next to you that are all dressed in aeropostale from head to toe as well.

    sorry i was ranting so much :)

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    What is the difference between Aeropostale and Hollister Co. ?

    Okay, like everybody in the U.S. started wearing Aeropostale and Hollister Co. Why does it matter which one you buy? They are both the same thing! I mean, everybody in my school mostly wears Aeropostale and Hollister Co. They don&#39;t really wear Ambercrombie and Fitch, or American Eagle! And they...

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    Well, I was very focused on this problem too back a few months ago.

    Most of America are pretty lost in fashion and what they wear right about now. It is a popularity thing and advertisements does wonders too. I call it "Fashion Retardation".

    It is pretty much in the logos and what they believe that they are getting great clothes.

    Aeropostale seems very cheap and logo-based to me, no fashion sense at all. Hollister has some good picks but they are very logo based, but their clothes quality is definitely an upgrade from Aeropostale. Even though I don't wear anything from these stores.

    In conclusion, if your clothes is covered with the word Aeropostale or has one little patch of a seagull you are 'cool'.

    p.s. I rarely use the word 'cool'. There is no such thing as 'being cool'.

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    People wear Hollister Co. in my school because its more expensive than Aero and they feel good that they can afford it. I mean, people save up their allowence for weeks to buy a shirt that simply says "HCO" for the label. So since its modeled around by the popular people, everyone else will go out and buy something from that store, even if its the ugliest thing ever! As for Aeropostale, its affordable for mostly everyone.Its cute, sometimes the material is a bit cheap and gets worn out faster, but its basically the same general idea: graphic tees, jeans, logo sweatshirts, cardigans, cami's. A lot of people wear that too, I noticed everybody at my school either wears Hollister or American eagle jeans. So yeah, they wear Hollister to feel good about themselves and their money and Aeropostale because some things are genuinely cute and its a close second.

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    There are a few differences. One, Hollister is more beachy. Aeropostale has more of a little girlish feel to it. Hollister is also MUCH better quality, but more expensive. Aeropostale is extremely cheap, but with bad quality. People tend to wear these brands because it's "cool" and think it will help them fit in. Hope I helped!

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    I, myself wear both Aeropostale and Hollister. But that isn't the only to stores I shop at, I shop at wet seal, macys, forever 21, even ***** I buy sweat pants. Your school sounds like you have a lot of rich preps. I'm not that big into Ambercrombie and Fitch because I don't have one near me locally! I think its just the brand name there looking for, see if skinny jeans werent "in" I bet most of your friends would think they were ugly. My school, We have a lot of girls that wear that type of stop but we don't judge you on what your brand name is, or whatever. I just thing is a stage. By high school, your pers will be wearing pjs to school every day! But right now, be different be creative and don't follow your friends on there boring fashion tastes, make up your own, and I bet youll turn out to be the girl with the coolest fashion and before you know it your friends will be following you!

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    Hollister Pjs

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    Aeropostale, Hollister, and Abercrombie are owned by the same company. I just know that Hollister merchandise is a lot more expensive than Aero, but the Aero clothes' materials are much better and are worth a lot more than Hollister. Hollister clothes are not worth buying. They till and holes appear after you wear them twice, no matter how well you take care of them. I don't see why people spend so much money on clothes that are not worth it. Maybe for the brand name? to get status?

    Source(s): I have both Aeropostale and Hollister clothes, but have learned not to buy any more Hollister after what happened with them. XD
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    they both suck!!! the only difference is the letters. clothes say Aeropostale in Aeropostale.. clothes say Hollister in Hollister..... anything that promotes a designer directly is HORRIBLE! the clothes is boring and makes everyone look boring as well... they look so copied and pasted.. Whatever happened to unique clothing? FIND YOUR OWN STYLE in stores that don't sell the exact copies of other stores... don't buy what other people have. New styles come from unique people who don't copy other people. You want people to follow you, not you to follow other people. Don't be boring please!!!

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    hollister is a better version of areo. i wore areo when i was in middle school and moved to hollister now that im in high school. people have more respect for hollister as well is just one of those things like i would never walk around in fake uggs cuze its tacky like areo if your in high school looks kidish and tacky but its up to you thats my perspective and how others view you it all comes down to how much you care about what people think of you

    Source(s): im 16 in high school and wear only hollister
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