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how rmc plant works? What are the mechanical equipments are used in ready mixed concrete plant?

reply how technical (mech and elect) activities takes place.Also explain main functions of Mechanical equipments used in RMC plant including recycling plant. Any manual of Lafarge, cemex or L & T, STETTER.... PLZ PROVIDE THE LINK

any link or ebook.. plz recommend



thnx friend...can u recommend me any nice engg site where all engineers share their views.

dats my fav site. do u knw any other

yea I hav a joining in RMC company so I need to b ready.

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    Ready mixed concrete plants all work in the same basic way. A batch computer stores the mix designs and controls the batching process. Cement, aggregates (rocks and sand) are stored in silos or bins, with pneumatic gates at the bottom holding the material in. Water is either stored in tanks or measured by flow rate as added to the truck. When the plant operator presses the right button the computer sends electrical signals to those pneumatically controlled gates. The aggregates and cement discharge into very large bins shaped like large, square funnels. Those bins are giant scales that track the weight of the materials as they are added. Those scaled bins also have pneumatic gates at the bottom which either drop onto a conveyor belt or directly into a delivery truck. In some plants the material feeds into a mixing drum that pre-mixes the concrete before it goes into the truck.

    Source(s): Pictures of plants: Picture of pre-mix drum dumping concrete into a dump truck: & are both good sites to get you up to speed on the basics. If you need anything more than that all the sites are pay sites and they are expensive too.
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    Rmc Plant

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