Best brand for V- Neck shirts?

What are the best brand for Plain V-necks for men?

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    V-Neck Shirt

    The V-Neck Shirt is one of the most popular styles that men wear. With a low cut at the neck the V-Neck shirt makes a great undershirt, but it also makes great casual wear whether you’re lounging around your home or going to the gym for a workout. At Freshpair we carry a wide variety of the V-Neck Shirt to accommodate whatever your needs may be, whether you need one as an undershirt or as casual wear. There are many brands that offer the V-Neck Shirt at Freshpair including:

    * C-IN2

    * Fruit of the Loom

    * Sean John

    * Calvin Klein

    * And many more!

    The V-Neck Shirt at

    At Freshpair, we have a huge range of the V-Neck Shirt for whatever you need. Try a basic V-Neck Shirt for when you need something to sleep in or if you need something to wear underneath your dress shirt. There are a wide variety of fabrics to choose from, from regular cotton to Pima cotton blends to Bamboo mesh. Go for your regular short sleeve V-Neck shirt, or try something sleeveless when you’re looking to stay cool in the summer or when you’re at the gym.

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    Lol (: V-necks are amazing such as you do no longer appear like your over doing the look and it is not a bore this is like the appropriate shirt for women folk and adult adult males.So yeah this is truthfully something you need to do.

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    Also Vaughn de Heart makes V necks

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    fox, hurley, volcom, any v-neck from PacSun. Their shirts are comfortable and have a good quality to last a while (:

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