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do you think that numbers have meaning in our lives.

for example all the major events in my life happen on 14th. I feel like 14 is a special number for me/!! is it possible ?? do you believe in stuff like that???

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    In the Bible number have very important and significant numbers and each has its own meaning. However, i would hesitate to try and find application in your personal life. You could really be led astray.

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  • It's called confirmation bias. When you hold onto a belief, you ignore all contradicting evidence and look for ones that support your belief, kind of like Christians. In your case, you probably go "wow! 14!" everytime you see the number 14. However, when you see a 32, 24, 98, 56, or 44, you probably don't even give it any thought and just ignore it.

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    I don't believe numbers have special meanings for us personally. God uses numbers in the Bible to give us a way of interpreting his meanings in certain things.

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    BTW 14 is Temperance in the Tarot Cards... watch when you get that number & note what you are thinking or what is happening right then.

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    The number Zero is the most important number there is, and yet at the same time it is not even a number.

    The number One is the most Pragmatic number, because all numbers are made up of individual Ones.

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    Absolutely! I believe and work Numerology...great book by Dan Millman on the subject...

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    Some do, I have often had the two finger gesture, lol! |So I guess numbers must have meaning!

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    "I feel like 14 is a special number for me/!!" That would most likely be your cell number when you get sectioned

    EDIT: I am hot!

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    No. I have a degree in math and have found that correlation does not imply causation.

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