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Latin America Revolution Presentation?






do what

are they ocured Latin American Revolution?

I would make powerpoint to presentation....

Any great idea about this presentation?

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    Within many central american countries banana industry workers suffered from Chiquita brand and some other powerful banana companies like United Fruit who neglected workers rights and banned union of workers and prosecuted them heavily, so unions were considered soviet plot to take over ( wrong by the way!) so Dulles family got connections with the company so cia was able to over throw the government in order to control the banana industry!

    Guatemala 1956

    Legitimate government was ousted from power by cia with the false belief that the country was going to become pro soviet, so cia did a plot to over throw the government of Jacobo Arbenz

    Cuba early 60´s

    cuba was ruled by military junta and Fulgencio Batista, and were deposed by Fidel Castro doing several combats at several places at the same time, the military was not able to counter guerrilla tactics so they won

    the effect: poverty, political oppression, domestic espionage, polarization of political opinions, refugee for terrorists and spies, support for other red revolts, safe heaven to drug dealers and arms vendors and so on, a base to over throw other governments! loss of property rights and the power controls the amount of food people can have, every aspect of life is under government control!

    Bolivia 1967, Che Guevara was killed by Bolivian Army Special Forces so red revolt failed


    early 70´s

    Daniel Ortega and friends with help from Cuba and Soviet Union over threw local government and use their soil to protect terrorist from all over the world , life was not that bad as inside Cuba but loss of political freedom was there, economic prosperity declined, the country is still today mostly agricultural and not so industrialized

    Colombia mid 50´s on (my country by the way!)

    Guerrillas embraced Marxist theory from mid 50´s up until this day

    they had received support from Cuba, Nicaragua and Soviet Union, after the fall of Soviet Union and Nicaragua communism local guerrillas turned into black mail , drug money and cuban support

    up until today they have large areas of control but President Uribe strong policy has produced several good results against them

    Key figures : Tirofijo ( sure shot) dead this year , Raul Reyes , killed inside Ecuador by my great air force , Ivan Rios, killed in action , Mono Jojoy ( blonde jojoy) Ivan Marquez and others

    such revolution has not produced the results guerrillas hope for!

    Chile 1970

    Communist president Salvador Allende was taken out of office by local military and cia

    his reforms were so ambitious that were not feasible according to economy, no much money to run social benefits he promised, even his own people criticize him for un practical reforms, Patria y Dignidad ( Patria and Country ) make a truckers strike paid by cia, so economy got bad, people went to street to rally versus him and he was taken out of office by military attack on Presidential palace ( House of the coin, casa de la moneda) so General Pinochet took over and many people were killed or put inside prison for political dissent... MIR guerrillas were defeated and eliminated

    The country grew in economic terms but at the cost of civil liberties


    In between 73 - 84 the military junta ruled the country so a peasant Tupamaros guerrilla group, their natural enemy was a police squadron called death squad. The office of public safety was created to eliminate them!


    70´s and 80´s

    Sendero Luminoso ( Shinnig Path) was creating early 73 to create equal conditions and economic liberties among poor and workers , enjoyed popular support and and wide logistical base from the country side...

    The leader was Guzman a university teacher of philosophy , they infiltrated student movements of several universities at Lima, by early 80 they started to use violency as a part of their strategy

    they sabotaged presidential election of 1980 by burning electoral vote outposts

    During the whole 80´s they resorted to bombing inside Lima and many other cities, the secret police capture Guzman and other leaders by september 92 and the group was disbanded and eliminated....

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