Was fired inspector general Walpin really "confused" and "disoriented" as alleged by Obama?

Do you remember the case of Inspector General Gerald Walpin, who was fired from his job by President Obama after he discovered wrongdoing by prominent PresBo supporters? Apparently an investigation has concluded he did nothing wrong, and he is now suing to get his job back.


Walpin was inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service and dug into the use of federal money by St. HOPE and Johnson while Johnson was running for mayor in 2008.

The organization, founded by Johnson, runs schools, a development company and other outreaches, including an urban program. Johnson actively supervised its operations until stepping down to run in campaign for mayor.

Walpin's investigations alleged St. HOPE used federal money to run personal errands for Johnson and to improperly pay for salaries for school workers.

Lawrence G. Brown, the acting U.S. attorney at the time, reviewed Walpin's allegations and said there wasn't anything criminal, so he agreed to a settlement in the civil arena that involved repaying about $400,000 in AmeriCorps funding.

Walpin publicly criticized the result, saying the decision against criminal charges followed "political considerations" and Brown responded with claims Walpin overstepped his responsibilities.

An investigation was launched by the Council on the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency, and Obama, not waiting for the results, fired Walpin. Obama explained Walpin was "confused" and "disoriented" but Walpin immediately appeared on television, including the Glenn Beck show on Fox, responding quickly, accurately and coherently to a long list of instructions and questions, undermining Obama's claim.

The Bee report also said federal officials have closed the investigation into St. HOPE without charges. The allegations were that those linked to the case deliberately deleted e-mails even though they knew they were being sought by investigators.

In a separate report, it appears is if Walpin’s replacement received a request from AmericaCorps (the agency he was supposed to be overseeing) to shred several documents… and he complied.


The acting inspector general of AmeriCorps said he shredded White House documents at the request of an agency press spokeswoman that pertained to the controversial firing of the previous inspector general, who was ousted after investigating a political ally of President Obama.

The e-mail message from agency spokeswoman Ranit Schmelzer seemed urgent, as she wrote: “WH documents were sent in error. Can you please destroy them? And can you confirm you receive this e-mail?” Acting IG Kenneth Bach responded 13 minutes later writing, “Confirmed, documents were shredded.”The email exchanges between Bach and Schmelzer, as well as other documents pertaining to the firing of the AmeriCorps inspector general, were obtained by CNSNews.com through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The documents referenced in the Bach-Schmelzer email exchange included a draft of a letter to be signed by President Obama that would be sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to inform her that Obama was firing Gerald Walpin as inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), which runs AmeriCorps, and also a set of talking points to be used in explaining to the media why Walpin was being fired.

So I ask you. Where's the change?

Keep in mind that I'm not a Bushbot. Thanks!

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    No, you're not a Bushbot. That's really why all this hysteria needs to step down a bit. Our enemies are a lot more alike than either of us think. I'd really love to be centralized on that instead of being forced to defend myself at every turn for everything else I believe in.

    These bastards are turning our country into one big corporation and they'll get away with it unless we do something about it first.

    There's a nasty habit here in the USA where some people catch the wave and ride it up with the madness until we win and they replace what we want with their own ambition, and I'll be damned if I fall for the same thing twice.

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    former Inspector General Gerald Walpin is not confused and disoriented. if you have watch an episode of Glenn Beck earlier this year, Gerald Walpin was a guest on his show and Glenn did give the sanity exam to him. Gerald Walpin proved himself that he was not insane, confused, and disoriented but alert, logical, and focused to what is going on. Gerald Walpin was fired because of doing his job and uncovering the truth about one of Obama's friends and how they were stealing the money.

    Source(s): I wish I have the clip right now but I can't find it anywhere
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    Yes, i remember that. & saw Walpin defending himself on TV. He sure appeared sharper than Obama & definitely more on the ball than Biden ever did. But I'm not surprised at the firing or the reason. Democrats, & this group in particular, have absolutely no scruples at all.

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    The sorrid saga of Walpin reminds me in a way of when the Soviets used to ship a "dissenter" off to a psychiatric unit" for non conformity .

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    Walpin was definitely confused.

    Apparently, he was under the wild impression that close friends of President and Mrs, Obama were subject to the same laws and regulations as every one else.

  • L.T.M.
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    Oh there's change alright. If you think about it most of the things that the Bush administration concealed from public eye it did so to keep the leftist media from weakening the war effort. Not all but most.

    This bunch is all about preventing the American public from seeing them for the Anti American snakes that they are!

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    1 decade ago

    I keep foremost in mind that both of your sources are hardly credible. WND is known even by Republicans as "World Nut Daily". CNS stands for "Christian News Service" as in right-wing Protestant Christians. They're not honest about their agenda, having changed their website from http://www.christiannewsservice.com to CNS. It is never beneath people whose role model is Rev. Don Wildmon to make it up as they go.

    So there's your answer. Walpin was fired for other reasons. Find sources that do not kick up people's Baloney Detectors and I doubt the information will match these 2 neoconservative Christian sites.

    Every appointed official serves at the pleasure of their executive. A friend heads a large department of an agency in my state knowing if Gov. Barbour gets an itch, Peter will be looking for other work.

    Source(s): American in Mississippi
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    The list of Obama EXes is already a long one and will become huge as Obama is only concerned about Obama and will jettison anyone when he gets ready. I would never talk about my Grandmother the way Barry Disrespected(s) his, but when you are nothing but an empty suit from Kenya, you are all that matters.

  • No but Obama thinks everybody that disagrees with him is confused and disoriented. I remember when Beck had him on, the guy seemed capable of years more of service.

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    I remember that. I saw him on O'Reilly. He was asked several questions and there was no way that he was suffering from any type of mental confusion. I hope he gets his job back.

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