Catchy cell phone business name?

What would be a good catchy name for a cell phone business? The store will offer services such as repairing broke phones, unlocking phones, adding apps to the iphone, and selling services such as verizon, metro, etc...

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    That's a good question! Here's some ideas...

    Elite Mobile!

    Star Mobile!

    Mobile Specialists!

    Cell Phone Specialists!

    Mobile Guru!

    Awesome Mobile!

    Awesome Cell Phones!

    Your Cell Phone Specialists!

    Your Mobile Specialists!

    Superb Mobile!

    Super Mobile!

    Fantastic Mobile!

    Mobile Repair, And Services!

    Cell Phone Repair, And Services!

    Mobile Rrring Repair!

    The Chatter Fixer!

    Rrring Specialists!

    Doctor Rrring!

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    You want something that will stand out, something that is unique and catchy. You should use either some sort of pun, or rhyme, etc. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Phone Improvement- (to play off the term "home imporivement") Phone Rehab Cellular Rehab - (these could have a cute graphic) Cellular Fix- (this is a fun play on words) Fix-a-Fone (phone) -(this is just catchy) These are just a few options or hopefully at least some inspiration for you. I think my favorite would probably be the "Cellular fix." Its kind of clever, but its still short and catchy. It covers what you do- you fix phones, and you provide accessories for people to get their fix. ;) Hope this helps you! Good luck and God bless!!!!

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    Doctor Mobiles !

    I've tried....

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    the phone shack

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