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Observing Animals~

1.How it eats?

2.How it moves?

3.What its habitat?

4.Give 3 more characteristics.

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    Is it meaning that I can choose my own animal to write?

    If yes, here is an example.

    E.g. Snake

    1) How it eats?

    A : Generally, it always binds the food and makes it to be dead. Then, it will simply swallow it and let it to digest in the stomach.

    2) How it moves?

    A : It will first slide to the left and then to the right. It walks by sliding side by side.

    3) What its habitat?

    A : It can always be found in some deserts or some forests.

    4) State 3 more characteristics.

    A : 1) It has no legs to move with.

    2) It has some scales on its body.

    3) Some of them may carry some poison on their body and may spread it away by biting the others.

    Since the above is my example and you are feeling free to correct it.

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