I have a problem with my CD/DVD Drive. It recognizes certain CDs, but not game disks??? Can anyone help?

I have a problem with my CD/DVD Drive. It recognizes certain CDs, and for others it doesn't??? Can anyone help?

I just did a hardware diagnostics and i think it recognises Data cds, but not dvd anymore?

I want to install my COD4 game n my computer again.

My CDs (including COD4) used to always be recognized on my computer, even on factory settings. So recently I restored the original operating system via system restore. Then, once restored, I installed all I needed to install ie Mozilla, Java, plugins, msn live etc.

I've reset my computer MANY times before. Now, when I go onto reinstalling my games (Before I had no problems). Now Some CDs are being recognized, and some aren't???

My WARCRAFT3 TFT installs easy, but Aion, COD4 and WiC SA doesn't??? I tried to see if my movies play (DVDs) and they don't either???

Interestingly enough, WAR3 TFT and some installation CDs (for ecognise office pro plus 2007 cd installation, and my wireless connector driver cd all are recognized)??...but they are all data cds?

I tried to update my CD/DVD driver, and it says it cannot find the update???wtf? I googled for help....nothing? Is there a tech guy that can solve my prob please.

I tried to uninstall the , but I have no idea how to reinstall it, cant find it anywhere. BUT What I did was restart the computer and it reinstalled it automatically for me (The CD/DVD drive) ??? It showed so on the managment.

So i tried to run the CDs but still no luck? Any other tips? I don't believe the DVD drive is getting faulty....It was working perfectly yesterday? And still does with certain CDs???

My computer is a HPdesktop...4 years old (i know but it works well and can run all of todays programs) And I have XP service pack 2 Media edition...i think.:)

So Im not sure if this is my com just getting old or what? I don wanna buy another com as I have no money :( But if i need a new one...well i guess ill need one.

Just is there any way to fix the CD/DVD drive? Without replacing it?

As I said, I did a hardware diagnostics test on the drive. I have a (HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H20L) CD/DVD drive. So I ran the test, and it failed Linear Seek test. I don even know what that is. Im not a computer expert? So can any1 help me? Can it be fixed???And how?

Many thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your system version is not matching with recent DVD. Better you can update the same DVD drive by visiting the website of the DRIVE COMPANY. to find the website of your DVD drive. Try to see the name printed in the DVD door. Type the same name in google, with the word of "update". So that you can download the recent update of files.

    Another REAL WAY.

    UPDATE YOUR SYSTEM ( LAPTOP / PC) For example if you use HP laptop. You can visit their site and give the model number of your laptop and search for UPDATION of softwares. Then it will start to work.

    Try to clean the DVD drive with a DVD cleaner CD


    Very rare case:

    1. You will be in position to change the DVD drive.

    2. You have to change the total SYSTEM (LOL)

    Source(s): www.aristocraticshop.com
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  • 4 years ago

    When they get temperamental like this they need replacing, There is no other option especially if you've already tried a CD lens cleaning disc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    try this:

    control panel > system>hardware>device manager>profile, expand "DVD/CD Rom drive

    it gives you some options there

    Also try "troubleshooting" from the Folder

    You may get a driver at HP site also

    hope it helps

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  • 1 decade ago

    i dont know it s big problem replaced it to the dvd writer

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