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how can i ck my e-mail?

what can i do to ck my mail when every time i click on inbox it reroutes me right back 2 the sign in page.This has happened 4 the last wk and is extremely irritating!!!

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    If you have IE then do this

    on the yahoo toolbar click on Tools>delete browser history


    If not then

    click on this Link and choose the browser

    you use.

    This will clean out all the stuff that slows your

    browser down.

    have a great day


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  • 1 decade ago

    First try deleting your cookies, and temporary internet files and the like. If your using IE go to tools-internet options and click delete under browsing history, then delete it all, or what your comfortable with deleting. Yahoo uses a cookie to remember that you signed in and that cookie may be the issue.

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