YG/SM/DSP/CUBE/JYP/Pledis/J Tune Entertainment audition?

Hello! I'm planning to audition for companies in Korea and I'm aiming for YG and J Tune Ent. I just want to ask some few things...

1. Do I have to be fluent or know how to speak in Korean for me to pass the audition?

2. I'm already 20 years old. Am I too old?

3. My dancing and rap is good but my vocals are not that good. Is it really bad? Can I just audition for rap and dancing?

4. I live faraway from korea but I'm still located in asia, how can I audition? Do I really have to do live auditions?

5. I'm not korean, I'm a Filipino with mixed chinese and spanish blood. Does it count against me?

6. I'm not tall (just 5'2'' I guess) and I don't have the good skin like koreans have (because of our weather in our country) but I have fair skin.

7. I really love r&b and hiphop music but my voice is soft and my friends said that my voice fits in SM but I want to be in YG. hehe =)

8. And if ever I pass the 1st audition, will I have to go to korea for another live audition? Is it me who'll pay my expenses? Where will I stay?

Hope somebody can answer my questions. Thank you in advance!

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    1. No you do not have to be fluent in Korean BUT for YG (as I have read) they want you to know SOME Korean (just the basics).

    2. No you're not too old.

    3. I think you can audition for rap and dancing.

    4. You can send in your auditions or try email auditions (but email auditions aren't as effective).

    5. No it shouldn't be counted against you if you have the talent.

    6. Well height shouldn't play a huge factor when auditioning. And as for the skin part... It doesn't really matter as long as you have the talent. BUT for SM it may be counted against you since they are known as the "fresh face" company.

    7. Well I think that if you want to be in YG then go for YG.

    8. Well I think that you will most likely have to go to Korea for a live audition & I think that they'll pay for the air fare & find a place for you to stay. BUT again I'm not too sure about this.

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    Here I go:

    1. If your aiming for YG Entertainment. You'll definitely have to know how speak Korean Language. Ok?

    2. You're not too old. In fact, age doesn't matter finally! ^^ so relax.

    3. It's not that bad. You can indeed audition with just rap and dancing alone. But I'd rather advice you to pass a video of you singing as well. (It could be a plus factor, I'm sure you're not that bad).

    4. You can audition through e-mail. You don't have to do live auditions anymore.

    5. No, it doesn't count against you. (You're still an asian! Kabayan!^^) LoL!^^ (I'm also a filipino)^^.

    6. I don't think your height matters. Well, about your skin, I guess they prefer those white skin. (But cheer up! YG focuses more on one's talent!^^).

    7. If your voice is soft, you might find it hard to make it in YGE. If you have the looks, you could go try for SME. (But practice makes perfect! You can do it, 'kay?^^)

    8. When you pass your first audition, you'll just have to wait for their instructions. I don't think you'll be the one to pa for your expenses. And you'll stay in their dorms.^^


    Good Luck! (I hope that I have helped you..)

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    1) You don't need to fluent in korean but know some simple phrase will helps you ^^

    2) As long as you have the passion, just go for it even you are 20 ^^(you are not old yet)

    3) Hmm, why don't you try to learn how to be better vocalist ? if euu really can't then rap and dance.

    4) Yg,sm,jyp can mailed over your audition form and a demo cd of you rapping and dancing and attached you most recent photo. live audition is only for the 2nd round of auditioning after you pass through the first round.

    5)No, it doesn't matter what race, what place you come from. as long as you are in asia ^^

    6)hmm, they don't really care what skin colour you are but as long as your face looks clean and smooth or just clean.

    7)Yg is also r&b and hiphop, go for it if you likes yg more than sm(i likes Yg too ! ^^)

    8)Yes, you need to travel to Korea for 2nd round. You got to pay for your own flight and living expenses to go over. After euu are accepted, then they will pay for all your expenses ^^

    You gonna go for audition ?

    if yes, hwaiting !

    God bless you ! ^^

    Source(s): (who research alot on korean stuff )
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    1. i suppose you don't have to be great in korean when you audition.

    if YG or J Tune find you talented enough they would choose you and train you and teach you korean. But I have heard that YG is hard to get in since you have to be super natural at singing.

    2. there is an age limit, but no worries you are still young to try out. sandara park was 20 something and she still made. CL too.

    3. usually YG doesn't look at dancing too much, dancing is important. But Vocal is much more important. If you are confident that your rap is good, then try out for both rap and dancing. It really depends on the judge that is judging you that day.

    4. if you can't find any located place near you to audition for in live. try finding the address where you can send your audition to in cd or tape. it's easier that way sometimes. since the staff can view your talent one on one and not having time to judge your talent.

    5. thats a lot of mixing there my friend. but i think you'll be fine. as long as you look more asian than Hispanic. too be honest [hopefully i don't hurt your feelings in anyways], seriously, korean will look for people asian looking people most of the time. Like I said before, they are judging for talent in vocal not on looks.

    6. Height, weight, skin types don't count against anyone. if you have the passion for rapping and dancing, GO FOR IT!!! ^^v

    7. it never hurts to try for both. but SM is more looks while YG is more vocal talent. So, it really does hurt if you don't pass neither one of them. But practice, practice will get you far. and believe in your self too.

    when it comes to singing and rapping the companies usually try to find people who can have multiply talents. if you are able to rap and sing, than its a double.

    8. pass. they will contact you. if they like you enough, they will contact you and gather more information and interviews about you. if they pass all of that, you will have to go to korea and train. its all free, the living and what not. you'll probably have to live in dorm rooms that they provide for you.

    having a dream to become a korean star and going through all the training is going to be hard. even the auditions are hard too, b/c when you show up at the day and see others talented people, you feel less confident.

    All i have to say is believe in your self, even if you failed the audition, keep trying. if you don't get a reply, keeping trying. you know its not the end of the world.

    but yea,

    good luck

    and hopefully this helps.

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    ALL TIPS ON SM ONLY 1. They did not decide on the 2011 auditions yet. 2. In SM size definitly matters. 3. Yes you are considers fat in Korea. Like me im korean and my height is 6'1 but i weight only 130 pounds. 4. I dont think they will like that unless you dont show it to them o.o 5. I think you will get braces when u become a trainee if its not straight 6. SM is looking for new looks and young people so i advise you not to go for SM. 7. I think JYP is right for you if you can dance well GOOD LUCK XD

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    I suggest you re-post this in the Korean section, they can help you better there.

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