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arizona- weather?city?

i was wondering what city in arizona that it snows in winter and hot in summer. I plan on moving down next summer, and i want a nice city( that has alot going on) but extreme weather. Also a place that is affordable (i am in the beauty industry so i want to live close by in an affordable place but have nice town nearby because i am in that industry)... any residents of AZ know any places like this...THANK YOU!

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    Sedona is hot in the summer and gets some snow, not as much as Flagstaff. It is pretty expensive to live there, but some of the smaller towns around it are more affordable. The only cities that have a lot going on in Arizona would be Phoenix, Tucson and maybe Flagstaff. There is a lot to do in Sedona, but because it's such a tourist destination, that's what you're going to see mostly. It's a great place to do outdoor stuff if you like that - hiking, mountain biking, etc.

    Sedona is beautiful - depending what you do in the beauty industry it may be a good option because of all the hotels.

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    I lived in Phoenix and Scottsdale for 2 years from 1998-2000. Northern Arizona has mountains and snow in Flagstaff but it is rather small. It is more affordable than Tucson and Phoenix, because the economy is not as good. Maybe they need someone in your line of work.

    Tucson is the southern most city and smaller than Phoenix with less smog. I like it because the mountains are behind it and it is very stunning to see. The weather is a tiny bit cooler than Phoenix and cheaper. It has University of Arizona.

    Phoenix has a great community college system and has at least 3 million people. The areas that make up Great Phoenix is called Valley of the Sun (Sun Devils) and the school is ASU in Tempe. There are more Republicans in Phoenix and more Democrats in Tucson.

    I remember the weather for half the year is over 100 and dry. You have to keep putting cold water into the pool and you cant swim in the afternoon. You have to swim in the a.m. because it is too hot. In August-September they call it monsoon weather because the humidity comes from Mexico, not because there is rain. When you do get rain it comes down hard and I have seen rainbows afterward.

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    Prescott! during the winter it can get very cold and will snow!!! During the summer it does get very hot and it is very nice. they have lots of fun things to do for all ages. Also flagstaff will snow and gets pretty warm during summer. i hope this helps!

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    Flagstaff has snow in the winter. However it is more expensive than places like Tucson.

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