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Is this Peugeot road bike worth around 200 dollars?

I'm a bit new to the bike scene, can anyone tell me if Peugeot bikes have a good reputation? I understand they're made in France so it's difficult to come by parts. I don't plan racing this bike, just going on rides in the city maybe 10 or 20 miles at a time.

Thanks in advance.

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    I'd say it's worth at least $175, and you need to take into account scarcity of said bikes when estimating a value. There are two or three other factors you need to check out when you look at the bike to know whether it's worth $200-250.

    First, look to see if the frame is lugged. "Lugs" are steel pieces that overlay the welds where the separate pieces of the frame come together. They both increase the bike's overall strength as well as it's desirability to collectors (and thus, value).

    Second, look to the seat tube to see what material the bike is made of. It should The best-quality vintage bikes will be made of steel. According to original catalogue images of the bike, it looks like it's made of lugged Reynolds steel (, which is basically the best vintage bike material. That's a big plus.

    Third, look over the ENTIRE bike. If it has any holes or dents, or has clearly gone through any major repairs, don't do it. Check the decals and paint color, to see that they're in decent or satisfactory shape.

    The person who said something about the 26" tires is right, too. Most likely the seller knows nothing about bikes and just measured them with a tape-measurer. For a road bike, the tires should be either 700cc (most common) or 27" (common on large, older road bikes). That frame looks to be about 58-60cm in size, which means it could have 27" tires. Look to the tire sidewalls and the side of the rims to identify what size of tire you'll have to use on the bike. If it is, in fact, 26" - there's something wrong and the rims are likely the wrong size for the bike. This would affect the price substantially.

    Overall, I'd say that if it's got most of it's original components, is in good condition (no dents, holes, etc), and will be in need of little repair - get it. I love vintage bikes, and that would sell in 3 hours in my city...easy. To those that said you could get a current bike for that price, they don't know what they're talking about. Modern bikes are crap compared to vintage steel. Especially french-designed Peugeot steel.

    Source(s): More about lugs: More about your bike, the model listed in the ad: And: Owning a vintage Peugeot as well.
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    Hard to tell. Lousy picture without enough detail taken from the wrong side to see the derailleurs. Inaccurate information about wheel size. Frame size information not well explained. At a guess this bike sold for under $300 new, even if in really good shape it would be worth less than half that now. Some Peugeot bikes were built in North America under license, this may be one of those. If it doesn't have Simplex derailleurs, the parts would be no different that any other bike built around that time.

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    Peugeot Bikes

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Is this Peugeot road bike worth around 200 dollars?

    I'm a bit new to the bike scene, can anyone tell me if Peugeot bikes have a good reputation? I understand they're made in France so it's difficult to come by parts. I don't plan racing this bike, just going on rides in the...

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    I bought my son a Peugeot from a reputable bike shop back around 1986. He was about 12 & used it daily+ for about 4-6 years before passing it on to a cousin who rode it for a year or so before it got stolen.....guess it had a good enough reputation. I paid around $300 retail. He loved riding it....easy handling, sturdy and reliable. He enjoyed the size and light weight. It got some rough use at times. Only expense we incurred was for tires and general maintenance. Having to pay the bills, I had no complaints. What parts we needed were minor (brake related) and not difficult to find at a good bike shop. Hope this helps you make your decision. Enjoy the bike world.

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    The catalog says this is a REynolds 531 DB frame.

    Look at the decals, you want 531 Double butted tubes forks and stays.

    However it will have a french threaded bottom bracket. check to see that there is no slop in the BB.

    You have a stronglight Crank, so do I on my 531. NOTHING fits stronglight cranks, they used there own bolt spacing on the crank.

    look for Campy or Universal brakes. check for no rust and no twisting of the dropouts.

    this is a nice touring frame. $200 is a fair price for a bike like this in very good condition.

    I rode one across the USA.

    It is a good frame, but the french threads can be frustrating if you are not a bike mechanic. see below.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    It is a nice old bike, but it would be very hard to find replacement parts. If it fits, no more than $100

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    it is an old classic bike. would not call it vintage, but some peugeots can be worth up to $1000. this is a pretty basic low level bike, but seems to be in great shape. i would offer $150. it is a great conversation piece, and i am sure a lot of vintage lovers will ask you about it


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    It's hard to tell by the photo but for $200 you won't go far wrong unless there is a serious fault with the bike.

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    It's worth maybe $25. I see bikes like this in Good Will stores.Carl is right on this one.

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