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In the song "Ode to Billie Jo" what did him & the girl throw off the bridge?was it a baby,flowers,a doll..what?

But he and the girl threw something off the bridge before he jumped.


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    Nobody really knows. When the song came out I remember there was a lot of speculation that it was a baby. Later in the song she says she spends a lot of time picking flowers and throwing them off the bridge. I remember the girl who sang the song was often asked in interviews what it was that Billie Jo was throwing off the bridge and she wouldn't say.

    I Googled it and, of course, there's a Wikipedia page. For what it's worth . . .


    The mysteries surrounding the characters in the song created something of a cultural sensation at the time and at least one urban legend. In 1975, Gentry told author Herman Raucher that she hadn't come up with a reason for Billie Joe's suicide when she wrote the song. She has stated in numerous interviews over the years that the focus of the song was not the suicide itself, but the rather matter-of-fact way that the narrator's family was discussing the tragedy over dinner, unaware that Billie Joe might well have been her boyfriend.

    A popular speculation at the release of the song in 1967 (unsupported by either the song's lyrics or the culture of that area and time period) was that the narrator and Billie Joe threw their baby (live, stillborn or aborted) off the bridge, and Billie Joe then killed himself out of grief and guilt. This version of events is accentuated in the Sinéad O'Connor version, where a baby is heard to cry at the moment the mystery item is thrown off the bridge. There was also speculation that Billie Joe was black, having a forbidden affair with the white narrator, although the culture of that area, in that time period, made it extremely unlikely that a black man would have had any part in the events described in the song's lyrics (a frog down the narrator's back at a public movie theater, socializing with the narrator's family after church, or being seen together throwing "something" off a bridge in public).

    Gentry continually dismissed speculation that the song was autobiographical. At the height of the song's popularity, numerous rumors circulated that she had been questioned by Mississippi police.

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    Billy Joe threw himself off the bridge.

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    It was never mentioned,,,speculation was a baby, but that's the beauty of the song, no one will ever know.

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    No one knows. It is meant to be whatever you speculate.

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