Male 21. Dull lower right abdomen pain..slight pain lower left abdomen but not as bad..lump on back ear?

have been having this wierd dull pain in my lower right abdomen. It started out lower left I noticed and slowly moved to the mid right side over a period of 3 days. VERY BAD HEADACHES and some neck pain.. but i think the neck pain can explain from a wrestling match the night before? It is now the 4th day and the dull pain in the lower right side is still there and now I have noticed a small about of constant lower back pain. The first few days I felt very dizzy, had some diareah and felt a little sick to my stomach. That all went away.. Now I just don't have a lot of appetite, the lower back pain constantly, and the pain in the lower right abdomen. The pain in the lower left if i move my body right.. but it is bearly noticeable. I can push on the lower right side and feel exactly where the pain is located. It hurts to push on it. I freaked out that I had apendicitis.. this was the 4th day. Went to the E.R. and got a ct scan and they said I was fine.. They told me if the pain gets worse to come back and get a doctors appointment if it doesn't go away in the next 3 days. Now im sitting here on the 5th day and the back pain symptom just popped up. Does anyone know what this could be? Doesn't apendicitis occur in a duration of like 1 day tops? Could this be the beginning that its getting irritated and i might get apendicitis? Whats goin on! I don't have problems going to the bathroom now at all or anything. I do more frequently pee though more then I used to. Whats goin on!! Thanks could the lump have anything to do with it? im freakin out@! forgot to mention the intense headaches a few days ago.. but they went away.

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    you said you had a wrestling match.maybe you just got BADLY hit.

    it cannot be appendicitis, since that should be iradiating pain.stay calm, and if the pain doesn't go away, go to that doctor's appointment:P

    also, from the wrestling match, you could have gotten a disc or an internal organ hernia which is sometimes difficult to catch on a ct.

    once again, if the pain doesn't go away, go back to your doctor.i am a medical student, but this is pretty much all the help i can offer u online:D

  • Tahoe
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    I have not read the other answers, but you have WAY too many symptoms for anyone here to figure it out. Do what the ER DOC told you to do and go to your doctor. They would have known of it was appendicitis at the ER, trust me. besides there is no left quadrant pain with acute appendicitis. It would not be a "dull" pain. But, it sounds as if you may have an infection-kidneys?? I assume they did blood and pee tests, too.

    Call your doctor and quit wrestling for now. :o) I would have no idea why you have a lump on your ear.

  • Anonymous
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    have you been exposed to a virus? lump at back of ear?( is it a swollen lymph node?

    You have been wrestling some of what you are complaining about could be muscle strain, but I doubt it.

    See your family doctor...

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

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