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Pregnant and really moody boyfriend is having a hard time dealing with me. Any pregnant women...?

feel like this? that your partner cant handle you? I mean I wish he would help me calm down and relax but sometimes he escalates the fight and makes me more upset! any advice on how i can talk to him about this situation. He isnt used to it because for the past couple of months i have been calm and now im almost 7 months pregnant and i am getting really moody and i feel really bad about it

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    I know exactly how you feel. Everything thing my boyfriend seems to do i go mad for no reason. He could be touching my hair and i would shout at him telling him to get of me and leave me alone. I feel really bad about it but he puts up with it. Sometime hes argues back and it gets worse lol.

  • My husband just ignores the moods because when he comments about them it gets worse. He understands that its just hormones talking and I usually get really moody when I ask him to do something and he puts it off or tells me he wont do it. He now does it right when I ask and never tells me no.

    My husband has been away for a week and a half now so I have been really depressed and he's been doing his best to try and keep me happy and looking forward to when he will be home next friday.

    Your boyfriend should realize its just a mood swing and let it go in one ear and out the other. Having him escalate the fight causes unnecessary stress on you and the baby.

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    i think there is a difference between moody & b*tchy, i think u should try & be more aware of ur mood swings and try and calm urself down, as for ur hubby he should try & be a little bit understanding but at the same time being pregnant doesnt give u a free pass 2 be a b*itch! moodiness doesnt mean 'fighting' it means that u are swinging from mood 2 mood.

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    I am the exact same way... I just turned 32 wks today and over the past couple of wks it seems to have gotten worse. Any lil thing gets me upset. My boyfriend just tries to stay away from me when I get in the mood like that... my dr says its natural. Just try to talk to your boyfriend and explain that things arent as easy for you right now and if he could just work w/ you untill the baby gets here.

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