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Need tips for the ultimate craft room?

My live in girlfriend has been talking about having a craft room for a long time. We have a spare room in the house that I would like to have done by christmas. I am trying to do it as a complete surprise but we will see how well that works. Anyway, I have no idea what I am doing, need ideas for storage, shelving, colors, carpet or tile... and anything else. The room is 11 x 9 with a 4 1/2 x 2 closet. All ideas appreciated.

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    Above are a couple of sites for storage to give you ideas.

    My craft room has carpet I find it to be warmer.

    Also have have cubed shelving which will take books and boxes this is from ikea

    Hope this helps

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    I would knix the carpet, depending on what sort of crafts she will be doing. Carpet stains much easier. As far as storage, my boyfriend's mom has her own craft room with a shelving unit filled with labeled boxes (from ikea i think) containing all the supplies she could possibly need. Good lighting is a must, as well as a good work table. Does she sew? Maybe a cabinet for all her fabrics would be nice. I hope all of this helps.

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    There are often women's magazines that publish special editions on designing the perfect craft room.

    Martha Stewart may be one to check out also, Interweave Press, published one...

    You can also check out the magazines at Lowes and Home Depot to get some ideas.

    Each woman's idea of an ideal craft room varies depending on what she likes to do. Just to give you an idea, My ideal craft room would have lots of cubbies for storing my yarn stash. a large work table, possibly on piano hinges so the table can be closed making more room for other activities. The table would be used for sewing, cutting fabric or blocking finished knitted projects.

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