could i feel really weak, tired and dizzy because of having?

anemia and e coli ?

so, i m 18 and I feel terrible for months ( like having a flu)... and few days ago my doc find me anemia, e coli urinary infection and low immunity system

So... what are the symptoms usually?


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    Iron-deficient anemia is more than enough to make you feel weak, tired and dizzy all on it's own. It can also take several weeks of iron supplements to build your reserves back up, so find a good multivitamin high in iron (or iron pills if your doctor prescribes them) and make sure to keep taking them every day.

    A urinary tract infection makes you feel as though you need to pee all the time even though you don't and it often burns when you pee.

    Low immunity on it's own doesn't have symptoms - except that it makes you more prone to catching other things such as a UTI and other infections which each of course come with their own symptoms.

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    I thought you were going to say something else.. I don't know sorry.

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