How come JFK was the only Catholic president in the USA?

Is there some Protestant conspiracy to hold the power in the USA?

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    There's been a lot of anti-Catholicism in our history. There were stories of Catholic priests being lynched in the early 1800s and then mass immigration of the Irish, Slavs, Poles and Italians later in the century and they weren't well received. A lot of anti-papal rhetoric came from the Freemasons. Southern Baptists to this day retain a lot of anti-Catholicism.

    Funny story: During the 1960 campaign when Kennedy had to address the issue of his Catholicism, his wife Jackie made the remark: "I can't understand why they're making a big deal of Jack being Catholic. He's such a poor Catholic. Now if it were Bobby, I could understand."

    Conservative Catholics did turn their backs on John Kerry because of his pro-choice position on abortion. It was a "he's not one of us" thing.

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    First Catholic President

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    How come JFK was the only Catholic president in the USA?

    Is there some Protestant conspiracy to hold the power in the USA?

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    Anti-Catholic bigotry helped to keep Catholics from many political offices well into the 20th Century; it was not until 1928 that a major political party, the Democrats, were willing to risk nominating a Catholic, and that man, Al Smith lost largely due to a coalition of factors but Anti-Catholic sentiments played big part in Smith's defeat.

    The argument, against Smith, other Catholics, and eventually Kennedy, was that their loyalty would be to The POPE in the Vatican, first, America second. Catholic Kennedy faced this argument head on, unflinchingly declaring that he was a loyal American. What truly put Kennedy over the top, as regarding his nomination, was winning a primary in West Virginia a state that to this day in 2009 proudly loudly 'hates' Catholics. Once West Virginia said "Yes" to Kennedy, his nomination was assured, and when the dust settled, in the climate of 1960. the Catholic issue was anti climatic.

    Odd note - - - Catholics can shoot themselves in the foot. Catholic John Kerry in 2004 was largely defeated because though a Catholic, he was divorced and had remarried without permission from the Church, and John Kerry as a Liberal was 'suspected' of supporting 'gays' as well as pro-choice, but the true kicker was that as a soldier during Vietnam, Kerry killed people. Catholic Bishops and Priests denounced Kerry as a murderer, a pro 'f%ggot Liberal Baby Killer, a Divorce Sinner, and worked overtime to reelect Geo Bush who admittedly never killed anyone though he did launch two wars which have to date killed more than a hundred thousand people. Catholics can be a hoot.


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    One could say that, yes.

    During the campaign, I recall the statement that his being Catholic and if elected he would be but a mere puppet of the Pope, His Holy Father. Though a strong argument which had worked up to this time in history, it was not bought by the American Voters. Since that instance, no Catholic has presented strong enough promises to win the primary or the election.


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    Because dad had the money to put his son into the White House. Between that and working a deal with Sam Giancanna to see that West Virgina and Illinois votes tipped in JFK's favor through the Mafia's 'influence' with the labor unions.

    This is one of the reasons why organized crime was not pleased that Robert, the Attorney General decided to target organized crimes and had the approval of his brother, the President. In fact Joseph Kennedy forewarned both his sons that 'these people' are not to be trifled with'. However both brothers did and its always been one of the conspiracy theories that claims the Mafia had a hand in JFK's death.

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    Because until after World War II the country was dominated by rich Protestant families and there was a large Protestant majority, it was more monolithic. And there was also widespread anti-Catholicism.

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    a fluke

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