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Small, Safe Cars? Is there such a thing as an SUV-proof little car?

In the next year, I'll get my degree, (hopefully) a kicking job, and my very first car that I'll spend over $2k on.

I'm a small person, and it's just me. I sometimes have one other passenger, almost never more than that. If safety weren't an issue, I'd be delighted with a two-seater.

I'd feel absolutely absurd and irresponsible driving something huge, but have you seen what negligent idiots are driving these days? Huge, deadly deathmobiles with a side of I-drive-while-texting DEATH.

Oops, my paranoia is showing.

Really, though, the utility-vehicles-that-shall-not-be-named tend to drive right up and over the safety features on smaller cars, crushing the unsuspecting environmentally responsible driver from above. So, um, how do I find myself a sensible car that will stand up to a redlight-running idiot with four tons of steel on his or her side? Or do I give up this silly notion and drive a minivan that seats myself and my six invisible friends because it's the safest thing on the market?

Actually, now that I think about it, are tanks street-legal? Can a civilian buy one?

I've only had my pelvis broken by one idiot driver, but given what I see on the roads, I'm optimistic that it's only a matter of time before someone else decides it's a good day to endanger innocent drivers in responsibly small cars.

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    From what I've seen, BMW is one of the safest small cars. While I worked in a collision repair center we had a Z4 (small two seat roadster) come in that had been rolled over 7 times with the top down. The passenger was treated for minor injuries, the driver was only bruised and sore, and still made it 8 hours away to Atlanta for a business meeting the next morning. We also had a never 3series come in that had been pushed into and over a guardrail. There was not a straight body panel left on the car. It was hit in the side by a pickup, ran into the guardrail, which it hopped over, spun down an embankment and into a tree. one adult and two children were in the car, nobody was seriously injured. The impact was strong enough that the entire right front suspension section wasdetachedd from the car. Another 3 series hit a drainage ditch running around 80mph, no serious injury. I was amazed at some of these cars. One of the larger suv's bmw produces (the X5) came in hit hard enough in the front that the engine was pushed underneath the drivers compartment, yet the front doors still opened and closed.

    As far as theirresponsiblee drivers argument, I myself drive a large SUV, and my other vehicles include several taller than stock trucks, I agree that many of the current drivers don't give the fact that they have a weapon of mass destruction undertheirr *** when driving, but it's not just SUV owners. A close friend of mine was hopitalized for a good dealof time when an idiot on a cell phone ran a red light in an Altima and hit the side of her SUV hard enough to roll it three times, causing serious injury to her, and her grandmother that was riding with her. There is not a vehicle on the road that dosen't have the potential to hurt or kill you.

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    SUV's are out. If you wish to have area within the again different then to simply have junk within the trunk then do not forget a crossover. SUV's as a complete are fuel guzzlers for the reason that they are all truck founded. A crossover is vehicle founded and can get you greater gasoline economic system. I just like the Toyota Matrix advice ... Just take into account fuel expenses are at the up and extra then most likely right here to stick. You ought to consider long run while you acquire a automobile so an SUV acquire may also be very, very painful.

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    Let's see your SUV take on a cement wall.

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