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Seattle Mariners Rumors vs Reality? Who will they sign?

Hey guys so I have heard many different rumored names that the Seattle Mariners could have potential interest in signing this off season. A lot of these rumors are coming from mlbtraderumors.com I have listed the names of the free agents below that the Mariners have been connected to. Please list which of these guys the Mariners have a shot to go after or indeed will go after and explain why. I will keep updating this list everyday. Thanks!

Ken Griffey Jr. - Confirmed today on many websites that he has reached an agreement to come back in 2010

Russell Branyan - Earlier this week Branyan had rejected the mariners initial offer and could still be signed as either 1st base or dh since griffey is likely to play a less role this next year. In fact also on mlbtraderumors.com BIG Z the gm of the Mariners said that they may try to land another big bat at dh despite griffeys signing.

John Lackey - Both buster olney and john heyman of sports illustrated have confirmed that the mariners are likely to be suiters of lackey but probably will not break the bank of $100 million to get him

Mark Derosa - John heyman reported today that derosa may have several suitors including the Yankees, Mariners, Nationals, Dodgers, Phillies, Rangers, Orioles, and Giants have inquired.

Lyle Overbay - According to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi the Blue Jays and Mariners have discussed a deal involving first baseman Lyle Overbay.

Doug Davis - Ken rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi also add that the Mariners could be interested in davis's services.

Rich Harden - Ken rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi have said earlier this week that Harden could be a great fit as he has had AL West success and also he lives in Victoria BC Canada.

Jason Bay - There have been many reports that Bay could have a fit in Seattle as he lives 15 min away from safeco in the off season and has wanted to always play at home. Also Rosenthal and Morosi said that earlier this week the Mariners will at least "kick the tires" on free agent left fielder Jason Bay, one major- league source said, as they consider ways to stimulate an offense that finished last in the American League with 640 runs scored.

Matt Holliday - Jon Heyman stated that the Mariners could be a club that could have interest in signing Holliday after of course looking at Jason Bay.

Hideki Matsui - Rumors have cooled down over Matsui but for the past two weeks websites have been running the idea of Matsui coming to Seattle as a DH. The Mariners could still pursue Matsui at DH even if they did just sign Ken Griffey Jr.

Jack Wilson - Wilson supposedly rejected the Mariners offer this week along with Russell Branyan. Look for the M's to make another proposition to Wilson in the very near future.

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    Jr will be back, so no more to say.

    Branyan can still come back... but i dont think he will. He will look for his first HUGE payday, and he ought to get one, he was the MVP of the Mariners this past season. I see him going to a needy team, maybe the Mets?

    John Lackey is headed to the Yankees. Everyone can speculate, but he will not stay in the AL West. He wants to be a top of the line starter for a top of the line team, the only teams that can say they are top of the line are the Yankees, Red Sox, Twins, Angels, Rangers, Marlins, Cubs, Cardinals, Dogers, Rockies, and Giants. The Red Sox will not bid on pitching, and if they do, it will be internationally and through trades. The Twins don't have money, the Angels wont bring him back for his asking price, the Rangers are a small possibility but if they sign him they WILL NOT be able to sign anyone else, the Marlins lack money, Cubs have problems signing ace pitchers, Cardinals have too many aces, and are going to sign Holliday instead, Dodgers, Rockies, and Giants are all going to go for the less is more formula and switch to younger prospects to be their fifth starters. The only teams on the list he will go to with no problems are the Yankees and Rangers, and lets be honest, the Yanks have money, the Rangers? Not as much...

    Mark DeRosa is easily the best option for the Mariners on this list thus far. His versatility added to the fact he wont be as expensive as every other player on the FA market make him a very intriguing prospect for the Mariners, however, it could develop into a bidding war between the Phillies and Mariners, and the Phillies have the championship in 08 and a world series appearance in 09 along with more money.

    Lyle Overbay- don't be surpirsed if the trade does not happen. The Jays also talked to the DBacks about a trade involving Overbay and it fell apart, if it does happen, a solid pickup for the Mariners, but not nearly as good an option you could have.

    Doug Davis- I have heard his name tossed EVERYWHERE, however, he will go to a pace that gives him a better chance to win now, and the best he can do is with the Milwaukee Brewers.

    Rich Harden- I could see this happening... however, I feel as if the Red Sox are a better fit, Theo's ingenious way of buying reclamation projects coupled with one of he best pitching coaches in baseball make it a very tempting spot for Harden to play, that said, I can see this happening.

    Jason Bay- Will not play in Seattle... ever. He wants to win, he wants to win now, two things the Mariners will not do next year. bay will sign with a team that gives him the money. The Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, Rays, Cardinals, Mets, Cubs, Rockies, and Padres are all interesting destinations for Bay. I see him playing for the Sox next year, but he is Canadian, so maybe he takes a discount to come home? The Rays need a good OF, and you know what, the Yankees will buy anything they can afford. The Rockies and Padres could desperately use him... but they dont have the money.

    Matt Holliday- Get Real, just because Heyman says something doesn't mean anything. EVERYONE wants Holliday, and honestly, Holliday will go where he gets the best combination of money, standing, and home. He will not go to Seattle becuase they just DONT HAVE THE MONEY. I see him signing with either the Yankees or Cardinals.

    Hideki Matsui- I could see this happening still, but with the signing of Jr. it is very unlikely, Ichiro's prescence on the team may allow him to give aa discount to play with a countryman, something he would like to do.

    Jack Wilson- is gone, he is a stuck up brat who will not stick in Seattle, he wants more money than the M's will offer up.

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    The logical answer is Jason Bay. He is a great ball player and lives in the area. Overbay is intriguing and would be a good one. If you could add Holliday and Bay, I would be very afraid of the Ms in the west.

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    You are right that they could amass large numbers of good players, but listen to a guy who lives in Washington: you can never put not enough faith in the mariners, int 15 years of living in Kirkland I have gone to a total of about fifty mariners games...how many dis they win? About 8 give or take 2

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