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was america framed in modern warfare 2?

when russia attacked the washington dc

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    His question is specific enough. America was purposely framed by General Sheperd, when he sent PFC Allen in to investigate Makarov. Makarov killed PFC Allen and left the dead American body at the scene of the crime of thousands of dead innocent Russians.

    If you beat the game, you find out that General Sheperd did this on purpose because of the amount of troops he lost 5 years previous to the story line(in the first game). And that he did it to try and become a hero. If you successfully complete the game.. You find out he obviously fails to become the hero, by MacTavish "Soap" throwing a knife into his eye, and killing him.

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    what are you talking about? the russians invaded DC. how would the US be framed for attacking its own capital? u need to make your question more specific

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