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noob computer engineer?

im just getting into computer engineering, im in my first semester in college with a major in computer engineering, and i can already solder and all that and i know the very basics, but can anyone recommend any books or sites where i can go to really get started, and please be as specific as possible

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    the definitive text, the bible of computer architecture (i'm looking at it on my desk and i have an older edition at home):

    computer architecture a quantitative approach (2nd edition)

    john l. hennessy (chairman of computer science - stanford)

    david a. patterson (chair of computer science - cal berkeley)

    read it. understand it. memorize it.

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    I used a book this semester in my introductory computer engineering class that was called "The Essentials of Computer Organisation and Architecture" by Null and Lobur, 2nd Edition.

    If you want something that doesn't give a hugely technical introduction to computer engineering this is a good text because it addresses what actually goes on inside a computer. It is fairly interesting and makes notes on which texts you should also read if you are interested on a certain topic. It introduces logic gates and sequential logic and the differences in different architectures.

    I would not however recommend buying unless it is required reading because it was quite expensive.

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