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Nazi Zombies Online Play?

Can I Play Call Of duty Nazi Zombies (or main game play) Online from my PS3 With other Xbox Players

{Note} I Own a PS3 System

{Note} I want to play with Xbox 360 Owners

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    No, unfortunately you cannot.

    You can only play Nazi Zombies with people that play on the same console.

    Since I play on Xbox 360, I am limited to play with other people that play on the Xbox and vice-versa.

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    If you have a PS3 you play with others that have PS3. Xbox 360 has a better online system then any other console.

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    I'm not sure because I do play Nazi Zombie, but all the guys I play with use their 360. My guess is that you probably can't because of the different systems, but who knows maybe you can. Just go blow off some freaking Zombie's heads!!!!!

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    you need an xbox to play with other xbox people hence "xbox live"

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