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Does anybody have any famous authors that aren't american, british, canadian or australian?

I am doing a term paper and need famous outhors that aren't from america, britain, canada, or australia

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    * Fleur Adcock

    * Barbara Anderson

    * Murray Ball

    * David Ballantyne

    * Mary Anne Barker (Lady Barker)

    * James K. Baxter

    * Bernard Beckett

    * James Belich

    * Ursula Bethell

    * Ivan Bootham

    * Jenny Bornholdt

    * Thomas Bracken

    * Charles Brasch

    * Errol Brathwaite

    * Alistair Campbell

    * Meg Campbell

    * Ken Catran

    * Catherine Chidgey

    * Hugh Cook

    * Joy Cowley

    * Barry Crump

    * Allen Curnow

    * Dan Davin

    * William Direen

    * Lynley Dodd

    * Alfred Domett

    * Joan Druett

    * Marilyn Duckworth

    * Tessa Duder

    * Alan Duff

    * Eileen Duggan

    * Maurice Duggan

    * Kate Duignan

    * Stevan Eldred-Grigg

    * Barbara Else

    * Barbara Ewing

    * Jaqueline Fahey

    * Fiona Farrell-Poole

    * Roderick Finlayson

    * Janet Frame

    * Maurice Gee

    * Denis Glover

    * Patricia Grace

    * Roger Hall

    * Keri Hulme

    * Sam Hunt

    * Robin Hyde

    * Witi Ihimaera

    * Andrew Johnston

    * Lloyd Jones

    * Michael King

    * Russell Kirkpatrick

    * Shonagh Koea

    * John A. Lee

    * George Leitch

    * Elsie Locke

    * Robert Lord

    * Edith Lyttleton

    * Greg McGee

    * Cilla McQueen

    * Margaret Mahy

    * Bill Manhire

    * Frederick Edward Maning

    * Linda McNabb

    * Katherine Mansfield

    * Ngaio Marsh

    * Owen Marshall

    * Bruce Mason

    * Ian Middleton

    * O. E. Middleton

    * Geoff Moon

    * Count Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk

    * Stephanie de Montalk

    * Ronald Hugh Morrieson

    * Michael B L Morrisey

    * John Mulgan

    * Amber Reeves

    * William Pember Reeves

    * Frank Sargeson

    * Duncan Sarkies

    * William Satchell

    * Maurice Shadbolt

    * Keith Sinclair

    * John Sligo

    * Alex Staines

    * C. K. Stead

    * Michael P. Steven

    * Jacqui Sturm

    * Philip Temple

    * Mervyn Thompson

    * Brian Turner

    * Hone Tuwhare

    * Noel Virtue

    * Julius Vogel

    * Darryl Ward

    * Ian Wedde

    * Peter Wells

    * Albert Wendt

    * Cherry Wilder (Cherry Barbara Grimm)

    * Niel Wright

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    I would go with an Eastern European, Japanese, or Scandinavian author, depending on what you're looking for. The Japanese (or the ones who I've had the pleasure of reading) tend to go for quirkier, more stylistic pieces while the Scandinavians go for very methodic, mythical, and, yes, difficult pieces. The Russians have writing like a thick, hearty soup: it's so full of plot, character, and detail. Not a light read. I would say that the Japanese have the most modern read, in a manner of speaking.

    Here are some Scandinavian authors:

    Sigrid Undset

    Halldor Laxness


    Haruki Murakami

    Mitsugu Saotome


    Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    Leo Tolstoy

    Other Eastern European:

    Zbigniew Herbert (Polish)

    These are kind of my opinion- Mitsugu Saotome is more a name that I know of as opposed to works that I've read, but you can give him a shot if you'd like. I hope that you find a good author and that you do well on your term paper. :)

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  • Babs
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    Thomas Mann/Magic Mountain:German

    James Joyce/Ulysses, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man:Irish

    Soren Kierkegaard/Fear and Trembling. The Sickness Unto Death:Danish

    Gabriel Garcia Marquez/100 Years of Solitude:Colombian

    Gustav Flaubert/Madame Bovary:French

    Erich Maria Remarque/All Quiet on the Western Front:French

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dostoevsky, Cervantes, Tolstoy, Sophocles

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  • 1 decade ago

    Victor Hugo (french), Homer (ancient greek), Sophocles (ancient greek), Beverly Naidoo (south african), Oscar Wilde (Irish, and no, most of Ireland is not part of the UK), Miguel de Cervantes (spanish)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Miguel de Cervantes is very famous, he's from Spain.

    He wrote Don Quixote, (or Don Quijote)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lev Tolstoy or Anton Chekhov would be good.

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