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can polar bears sleep while floating in the water?

sum1 told me tht they can but iv never cn one do this, duz ne1 kno if they can?

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    Absolutely not ! They have no physiological subconcious mechanism to keep their heads above water in order to breathe. They are capable of swimming for many miles without rest (upwards of 50 if required) and if they do grow tired they will seek out land or a suitable piece of ice or flotsam to rest upon. I have seen one resting on a large piece of floating wood !

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    I don't think they are light enough to float, unlike sea otters. A sea otter can sleep with its head out of the water, lying on its back, and needs only worry about being swept away by the current. So a sea otter often sleeps by wrapping its body with kelp as anchor. A polar bear trying to sleep in the water would probably find its head submerged because of it higher relative density.

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