survivor spoiler alert: Question: how did Russell.......?

find the immunity idol without any clues? And didn't you love who got voted off?????


Maybe....I'm with you. I used to not like russell, but i have a new respect for him for how he plays the game and the players.

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  • dobby
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    1 decade ago
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    russell knew from watching previous shows that they always hide the idol near something big, usually a hollowed out tree, bridge , near the tree mail ect. they don't put it out alone. so he just looked in the obvious places next to known objects, objects that are easy to find. like a big bridge or an odd looking tree ect. its not rocket science. and he is not smart. its a laura / russell fight now. and I hope russel will go home soon. maybe all of those people who now like russel have forgoten his true nature but I haven't forgoten how he treats people and disregards them. he has not changed but he will slip up and make a foolish mistake soon.

    if survivor still had an exile island russell would not have been so lucky because it would have taken a group leader to send him there, and I doubt if a group leader would have done that and if they did they would have done it just once not twice.

    russell dumb luck came from the producers hiding it in the camp. instead of on a island that they would have to win a challenge to go there and find the idol.

    and they are telling the survivors that the idol is back in the game which means its hidden in the camp. so russell is not so smart he just going on what was told to them.

    russell is already a millionaire, he said he only came on the show to show people how easy it was to win survivor and that everyone else all the other players were dumba$$ and didn't know how to play the game. he didn't need or want the money he just wanted to show people what a stupid game it was and how easy it is to win it. people are forgetting what he has said and done in the begining, he has not changed and he will not when. in a spoiler it said he gets very far in the game. but it doesn't indicate that he wins at all.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When the show first started I dispissed Russel but now I'm warming up to him. He has a knack for finding the hidden immunity idol and I think he's smart with the way he plays the game.. I loved the look on Lauras face when Russel played the idol and then kelly got voted was priceless! I hope she goes next!

  • 1 decade ago

    I use to HATE Russell in the beginning, but I think it's hilarious how he found it a second time, without any clue at all! I like the formal Foa Foa tribe, so I'm glad a Galu member went home instead. I hate all those preppy girls that just want to sit around and talk. I can deal with Shambo. Ta-ta Kelly. Foa Foa til the end! :-]

  • 1 decade ago

    Wow i love Russel

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  • Right now, nobody deserves to win, but him, and if he doesn't win, the person who orchestrated his eviction should win! He's amazing! Go Natalie though!

  • 1 decade ago

    the producers told him where it was. isnt it kinda funny how in the last survivor seasons they only had the immunity 2 times then their done. eh i didnt even know who she was

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