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Since I seem to be one of the few older people here?

When I come to the celeb section, most of the questions are about today's young celebs (or MJ). Are there any older celebs that you young people look up to, respect, or just are a fan of? I am talking celebs over 50 years old and even celebs long deceased. Thoughts?


I like MJ and never believed he was guilty. But there are already too many questions about him.

Update 2:

Edit your answers. Go older. I am also interested why one person is in to Marilyn Monroe.

Update 3:

For example, I love Errol Flynn movies and Bogart movies. These are people that paved the way for todays stars. Look up Ida Lupino in her young days. She was a hottie. Personally, my crush is Jacklyn Smith. She is gorgeous, at 60 years old.

Update 4:

By the way, I respect the talent of many of today's artists. But the ones that are not talented and didn't work for success, I will comment about. And I understand younger people doing the same about older artists.

Update 5:

OK people. All good answers. Keep them coming. I am just trying to get a handle on the thoughts of today's young people. It is nice to see the recognition of older artists. Thank you.

Update 6:

Please, this is not a slam against MJ. He was only 4 years younger than I and I grew up with him. I am not accusing anyone of not looking at older artists. I was just trying to pin it down.

Update 7:

Wow, Pia Zadora. Haven't heard that name in years!

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    Yes, many of the celebs I like/love are not young. I can't think of anyone I like under 40. I love Janet Jackson,Cher,Charo,Whitney Houston,Dolly Parton,Loretta Lynn,Jenifer Lewis, Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett,Princess Diana,Della Reese,Sally Field, Whoopi,Shirly McClain,Loretta Devine,Reba,Wynonna & Naomi Judd, Denzel Washington, Sela Ward,Shohreh Aghdashloo,Susan Susan Surandon,Vanessa Redgrave, Natasha Richardson,Lynn Whitfield,Bette Midler,Goldia Hawn, Farrah Fawcett,Tina Turner,Barbara Mandrel, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Sophia Loren,James Garner,Gena Rowlands, Ruby Dee,Diane Keaton,Diane Wiess, Barbara Walters,Blythe Danner,Dottie West, Margaret Avery, Ann Margret,Marilyn Monroe, Loretta Young, Josephine Baker, Ola Ray,Jean Smart, Dixie Carter, Annie Potts, Delta Burke,Faye Dunaway,Jessica Lange,Barbara Eden&,Eartha Kitt amoung others.

    So not all the people i named are over 50 but quite a few are and some are no longer on this earth.

    I'm not directing this at you, just in general I hate that people think because I'm a teen that I like the JB or MC or TS or Twilight or JB ( I have no clue who he is!). People assume I like the movies that the teens flock to but in actuality I'd much rather watch a movie with Meryl Streep or Angela Bassett in it , not the stars the teens like. I'd much rather see Tina Turner make a comeback or Whitney Houston than some disney star churn out cd after cd of medicore music with medicore talent. Also, I'm not bieng hypocritical- when I say teens I don't mean to lump ALL teens as MS fans etc, just seems to be the norm on Y!A

    People make funof me for the celebs I like, because they are old or seen as outdated but I'd rather see someone with real talent than some celeb with little talent floating by on public stunts and vulgarity

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    Oh man, too many to list!

    I started reading the works of Gandhi a few years ago and I adore him, I also really, really love Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They were both some of the most incredible and inspirational people to me.

    I am a huge fan of Bob Dylan, I can't describe how much he has changed my life, also Stevie Wonder is incredible. Michael Jackson, of course. I've been a fan of him the longest. Seven years! They all have done some great humanitarian work and I love that so much.

    I have a really weird fetish with Donald Sutherland movies? Ha, I love that man. Also Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Howlin' Wolf. They are some of the greatest blues guitar players ever and really set the standard for bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and even Nirvana. They go way back in the 30's though so I doubt anyone really knows who they are. I also really love poetry, my favorite poet's are Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman. I know this was supposed to be about celebrities... Ha. I got on a role. Anyway, I'm fifteen and look at all the people I dig. Kids aren't all just about the new stuff. I couldn't care less about the celebrities today. My sister also got me into Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire after making me watch Funny Face with her. And Dancing in the Rain with Gene Kelly. I am also an avid fan of Vincent Price, his voice probably has to be the coolest thing in the universe. I watch so many of his movies.

  • 5 years ago

    The greatest cricketer of modern era, Sachin also started on 16 but it took him a while to deal in hundreds right? But a 16 year older playing his 2nd international match against the world champions , scoring a 100 off 37? That is so hard to believe! He should be 19 or 20!

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    Well I'm in the over 50 category and I know what you mean.. There are so many older celebs that I love to see questions about like Spencer Tracey and Kathryn Hepburn.. Oh and Clark Gable and Lana Turner.. Occasional you will see a question about James Dean but rarely any of the older ones..

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    Lucille Ball... I have loved her since I was 5 (ish) - I'm 28 now.

    My mom introduced me to all of these people:

    Alfred Hitchcock

    Dick Van Dyke

    Mary Tyler Moore

    Carol Burnett

    Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis

    Ritchie Valens

    Danny DeVito

    Leslie Nielsen

    Joan Crawford

    and the cast of the Golden Girls - Betty White, Estelle Getty, Rue MacLanahan, Bea Arthur. It's sad, we only have 2 of them left!

    Those are just some of my all-time favorites.

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    LOL This reminds me of the other day when I asked a question about Pia Zadora and how she and her husband bought PickFair on the promise not to destroy it and the minute the ink dried on the title, they demolished it. I think one person knew what I was talking about and they probably Googled it lol.

    I've got to star this so I can come back and read the responses. I'm interested to see how expanded the interests of the young people in here are...

  • qamper
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    Clint Eastwood, Buster Keaton, John Wayne. The type of guys who would punch you in the face just for fun and then buy you a round afterward to make up for it.

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    Well, I like George Michael, he's 46, not in the age range you're looking for but close to it. No one really talks about him. Hmm, there are more people, but I can't think of any at the moment...

    Oh, and Michael Jackson, of course, but you already named him.

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    ♥Michael is over 50. He turnd 51 in August.

    We also talk about Elvis and sometimes the Beatles.

    All are great artists!

  • Anonymous
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    I like Clint Eastwood and Paul Newman .. many others.. Elvis

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