Since I seem to be one of the few older people here?

When I come to the celeb section, most of the questions are about today's young celebs (or MJ). Are there any older celebs that you young people look up to, respect, or just are a fan of? I am talking celebs over 50 years old and even celebs long deceased. Thoughts?
Update: I like MJ and never believed he was guilty. But there are already too many questions about him.
Update 2: Edit your answers. Go older. I am also interested why one person is in to Marilyn Monroe.
Update 3: For example, I love Errol Flynn movies and Bogart movies. These are people that paved the way for todays stars. Look up Ida Lupino in her young days. She was a hottie. Personally, my crush is Jacklyn Smith. She is gorgeous, at 60 years old.
Update 4: By the way, I respect the talent of many of today's artists. But the ones that are not talented and didn't work for success, I will comment about. And I understand younger people doing the same about older artists.
Update 5: OK people. All good answers. Keep them coming. I am just trying to get a handle on the thoughts of today's young people. It is nice to see the recognition of older artists. Thank you.
Update 6: Please, this is not a slam against MJ. He was only 4 years younger than I and I grew up with him. I am not accusing anyone of not looking at older artists. I was just trying to pin it down.
Update 7: Wow, Pia Zadora. Haven't heard that name in years!
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