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HELP! AP US History - terms?

Assignment: find “who, what, when, where and significance” for each of these terms.

American System, Nat Turner’s Revolt, Sociology for the South, Nullification Crisis, Indian Removal Act, Specie Circular, Gibbons v. Ogden, market revolution, Treatise on Domestic Economy, Francis Cabot Lowell


encomienda system: (Late 15th and 16th century) Who: The Spanish crown created the system to organize Indian labor, and was administered by colonial lords. What: A labor system, theoretically reciprocal, with the lord protecting the Indians while gaining the product of their labor (feudal). The book discusses the fact that the reality of this relationship was much more harsh than the theory. Became a form of slavery. When: First encomienda system established in Hispaniola 1493, used throughout most of the 16th century. NEEDS a specific date–the “1490’s” would not be acceptable.Where: Within the Spanish colonies. NOT acceptable to put ”United States” as where-duh! (S) Demonstrates a very different form of interaction with the Natives than that eventually taken by the English, i.e. exploitation of labor, mixing/intermarriage, extensive efforts at conversion. Eventually proved unsustainable. SIGNIFICANCE is the most important part–how did the term affect history? What was the impact?



These are just terms we have to study for a test and you end up only having to know 3 of the 10 and its a lot of work for just that.

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    American System- Henry Clay

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    If it's a person (Thomas Jefferson) try Encyclopedia Britannica or American, depending on which view you want. For other terms use the Oxford English Dictionary. Webster may also have the words but I'm an OED fan. Everything should have been covered in the course. Being from outside USA, somebody should define AP for us since I'm sure you don't mean Associated Press.

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    WOW you have really easy homework. and why dont you crack open a textbook and figure it out for yourself. your not going to learn anything unless YOU figure it out. use the internet its a great resource.

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