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Effexor or Natural medicine?

My doctor prescribe me Effexor, but i was reading the side effects of it and prefer to take something natural. Has anybody tried True Calm by NOW foods? St John Wort? or any other medicine that has help you? please let me know. Something for depression, social anxiety, general anxiety and mild panic attacks. Thanks


I'm mildly depressed, it is more my social anxiety that gives me problems. So my social anxiety stops me from going out and doing normal stuff and that is what gets me depressed. So i need something that will calm me so i could socialize better

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Thanks for all your answers.

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    See http://www.amazon.com/True-Calm-Amino-Relaxer-Food... for 4 reviews. Google it, but it seems very hit or miss, and caused severe panic attacks in 1 of the 4 reviewers.

    The wort, (has both antidepressant, and anxiolytic properties, but usually slow to act) however, is something I have read a book and several websites about, so I suggest that you check out the posts on panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and social anxiety, at http://your-mental-health.weebly.com/1.html and pages h , i, b, and e, and view the SJW and HYPERICUM websites, using a recommended brand, with meals, and perhaps trying Inositol (a B group vitamin), and/or a low dosage of 5HTP with it, as they may have quicker effects.

    Other products are shown, but I suggest keeping them in reserve, for later, if necessary (unlikely) and rely on the core treatments, challenging, and changing your thought patterns, ("Lift your mood now." by * John D Preston, Psy.D. 2001, New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland. CA, & "Feeling Good - the new mood therapy" ** by David D. Burns, M.D.) using an anti panic breathing technique, practising relaxation methods, and correcting vitamin/mineral deficiencies (blood test).

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    i took venlafaxine[effexor] and i will say this, stay well away from it

    i know medication is different from everyone, but ive only heard bad things about it

    and it made me exteremly ill and had to be taken off it.

    ive been on meds for 4 years and id stay well away if i was you

    st john wart is meant to be a good one

    i take beta blockers for my anxiety i also take antipsychotics and depressants for it, but then again mine not mild.

    i would advise if ur quiet bad with it then prob meds are the best way, but if not try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or counselloring, they help as well

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    How depressed are you? If you think you are only mildly depressed and need a bit of something to lift your spirit then try the natural medicine. But if you think you are more severely depressed then I think you should take the Doctor's medicine

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    I take St Johns Wort and it works great for me.

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