It is finished: John 19:30 & James 1:15? Does it bring forth Death: rider on 4th night mare in Revelation?


John 19:30 (KJV)

When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar,

he said, IT IS FINISHED: and he bowed his head,

and gave up the ghost.

James 1:15

...sin, when IT IS FINISHED, bringeth forth death.

Revelation 6:8

... pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death

If only the law imputes sin (Romans 5:13), and

by curse of law becomes sinners all (Rom 3... Gal 3), and

if inexcusable law even condemns sin imputer (Romans 2:1), and

penalty is Death (Romans 6:23), strengthened by law (1Cor 15:56);

Does law imputing sin bring forth Death mentioned in Revelation 6?

If so, should we then consider what's first "finished" in John 17,

the work that the only true God gave JC to do: grace and truth;

and fact such work got finished before the cross, not at cross?

(especially if God will have mercy, and not sacrifice: Mt 9:13)

1st work "finished": John 17 vs 2nd "it is finished": John 19?

For in a (human) race, isn't a work first "finished" called win?

And in a (horse) race, isn't second "finished" called "place"?

Are we not also told: neither give "place" to the devil (the law);

Bcz law imputed sin, when "it is finished", brings forth Death?

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    How old is the universe when Adam is created?

    Gen.1:26 to Gen.4:25, to Gen.5:3, is 130 years.

    How old is the universe, Gen.1:1,2, and angels

    Job 38:4-7,30-32, and space, when Cain kills

    Abel, and Seth is born at year 130 of mankind?

    Gen.5: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 25, 28 gives age

    130, 105, 90, 70, 65, 162, 65, 187, 182 = 1056

    years to Noah son #10 is born.

    Gen.7:6, Noah is age 600, at flood year 1656.

    Gen.11:10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, to Terah,

    at age 2, 35, 30, 34, 30, 32, 30, 29, 222 years,

    age 205, Terah dies, Gen.11:32, year 2083, at

    Abraham being age 75, Gen.12:4,7, to get the


    Exodus 6:3, 16-23,26; 7:7; 12:37,41, 430 years,

    Moses and covenant heirs get the law that leads

    to Christ Jesus, Gal.3:16-26. Year 2513.

    Moses dies in 40 years, Deut.1:3; 34:7, yr 2553.

    1Ki.6:1, 480 years, Solomon begans temple [ as

    king David has been dead 4 years, Moses 480 ].

    Solomon has 36 years, 1Ki.11:42, year 3069, &

    997 BCE, now is 2009 CE, year 6075.

    It is year 3460, 606 BCE and now 2009 CE, to

    end of Judah kings, there will be no king until

    Jesus at his 2nd coming [ Dan.12:1-12 [ 2x 1335

    is 2670, and now is 2615 years ago, year 6075

    goes to year 6130 for the 1000 year reign of

    Christ Jesus and his first resurrected and God

    alone knows the day and hour. I SAY GOD IS


    Rev.17:6,10-14, Satan is down all of the 8th

    that is of the 7, from year 3460, he will be down

    in 2520 years, that was 95 years ago, Michael

    is in the time of the end, Dan.12:1-9,10-13, so

    Rev.12:3,4,6-11 [ WORD ], 12, WAS 95 YEARS


    KJV Bible 398 years, at 300 years is established

    98 years ago, Satan down 95 years ago of 150

    years, years 2520 to Dan.12:1-12 [ 2x 1335 = ]

    2670, we are at 2615 years and 2009 CE, for the

    1000 year reign to be more near each year.

    Source(s): Bible.
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    (John 5:36) But I have the witness greater than that of John, for the very works that my Father assigned me to accomplish, the works themselves that I am doing, bear witness about me that the Father dispatched me.

    (John 17:4) I have glorified you on the earth, having finished the work you have given me to do.

    (John 19:30) When, now, he had received the sour wine, Jesus said: “It has been accomplished!” and, bowing his head, he delivered up [his] spirit.

    These are a few of the verses that speak of Jesus "accomplishing" his work, ergo, what his Father sent him to do - making God's name manifest (Matt 5:33; 21:42; 22:37; Mark 12:29 and many others).

    "Then the desire, when it has become fertile, gives birth to sin; in turn, sin, when it has been accomplished, brings forth death." (James 1:15) in a sense that we all eventually die because we were all born into sin (Eze 18:4; Rom 5:12).

    "And I saw, and, look! a pale horse; and the one seated upon it had the name Death. And Ha′des was closely following him. And authority was given them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with a long sword and with food shortage and with deadly plague and by the wild beasts of the earth." - Rev 6:8

    This "death" gallops at full speed, today. Death-related illnesses, wars, crime, even carelessness causes death each and every day. The book Revelation: Its Grand Climax at Hand! states:

    The information revealed by the opening of the first four seals reassures us because it teaches us not to despair at the warfare, hunger, disease, and other causes of untimely death that are so rampant today; neither should we lose hope because human leaders have failed to solve current problems. If world conditions make it evident that the riders of the red, black, and pale horses are abroad, do not forget that the Rider of the white horse was first to begin his ride. Jesus has become King, and he has already conquered to the extent of casting Satan out of the heavens. His further conquests have included his gathering out the remaining ones of the sons of spiritual Israel and the international great crowd, numbering into the millions, for survival through the great tribulation. (Revelation 7:4, 9, 14) His ride must continue until he completes his conquest. - Ch 16, p 96.

    Once again, an accomplishment. Death also needs to complete his conquest, but those who have fallen asleep in death will be resurrected to judgement (Rev 20:13), no matter how they died.

    These scriptures really have no correlation other than they all mention an end to something, I just thought that this may help you understand them more or less?

    Source(s): God's Word the Holy Bible and sources cited above
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    Jesus said "it is finished". The work he had to do on earth was finished. The plan of salvation was finished.

    As sure as we are born we must lay this body down in death. This old body cannot stand what is in store for us in heaven. We will get an immortal body that will stand for eternity.

    Paul said we all run a race but we all receive the same trophy which is eternal life.

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    Death mentioned in St. John's Revelations is not the same as the "death" that is being conveyed in Romans. One is a literal personification, the other is a metaphorical reference spiritual death, not physical. I think you have thought very long and hard about a rather pedantic and tangential point of the Bible.

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    the bible is a fictional book written by wondering nomads thousands of years ago. why don't you read the book instead of mindlessly following another's suggestions. the fact the religion as we know it has brought about 90% of the world's death and destruction since it's inception is proof enough that we have not yet truly grasped God's nature.

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    1Cor.14:34-35 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.

    35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

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    Wow this is probly the worst worded question ive seen in a long time. Edit this bad boy and maybe we can figure out an answer for you.

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    Yeah. Yeah. That makes a lot of nonsense.

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    we believe in the bible brought by jesus(PBUH) but jesus never preached from john and lukes book sorry its not valid what you saying

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