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They say 85-90% of all cows carry the leukemia virus which means they have infected milk!?

This means the pasteurization process kills the virus and we are drinking dead virus can this still cause leukemia sounds bad to me?

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    I don't think leukemia is a virus!

    They are obviously trying to put people off milk- but they should stick to the facts.

    EDIT: Well, this is interesting. However, it doesn't follow that milk can pass it on to another species. There are other issues with the dairy industry, frankly, that concern me more...

    The related virus in humans supposedly:

    I have emailed a friend who is a cancer research scientist (a research group leader). I will update when he gets back to me.

    EDIT II:

    First I asked him about the virus you mention above- his response:

    Such a virus exists.

    More common in other mammals, though.

    I then asked about the human variety and the possibility of transmission... he doesn't address transmissions from other species, but it seems that those of us who thought viruses had no role were wrong:

    Well, viruses as a cause of cancer is not uncommon. Long ago, it was even thought they may cause most cancers (not the case of course).

    For instance, human papilloma virus causes not only genital warts, but much more concerningly, cervical cancer. That is why the NHS is innoculating against these viruses.

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    Um, as far as I'm aware of, leukemia is not a virus. It is not something that you can "catch," nor is it something that is contagious. Leukemia is a a cancer of the blood or bone marrow. I think what you mean to say is that cows have this condition? I'm not sure of the validity of that statement, but rest assured that you cannot "catch" leukemia from someone or something else.

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    I'm not going to read that novel. & cancer is not & never will be a virus.

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    don't believe everything you read or hear. it's just a scam to, like the other people said, make you not buy milk and instead get whatever crappy product they want you to buy.

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