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    At that time I also soon rush out in the dancing world a piece of positive result, but is because the accident has cherished you, I can not but lower the head to the reality, for must gain the meager wage, I gave up my dream, you can guarantee that in your life does not have the accident? The accident always may not forecast that therefore you cannot take the thing which cannot predict that prevents me to pursue the dream the right.

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    I has not looked at you to the present to pursue the dream since childhood, I only saw you go all out day in day out the work, with to I very rigorous control beside, I has not looked at you to have pursues to be assorted, is not for that one wage in like mad,

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    I have not even looked at you and the friend go to a night of shop to drink a cup to relax, you said that you have the crazy love feeling, I did not believe.

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    At that time I had to dance within sight of the titles of the forge a church, but because of an unexpected with you, I do not

    Not bow to the reality, in order to earn meagre salary, I gave up my dream, can you guarantee that your

    There are no accidents in life?

    Accident is not predictable, so you can't get something not to stop me dreams of their rights.

    From small to now I have not read your dreams, I just saw you all day long, and work very hard with me in addition to stringent control, I have not read the do you have the pursuit of what, for that is not yet a salary in the troubled spell to live, I don't even seen the night to you and your friends for a drink and relax, you said that you have a crazy feeling, I do not believe it.

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