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請問essay outline該怎麼寫呢?


一篇essay outline該怎麼寫呢??



Travel is the best teacher and always results in the most enduring lessons. The advantages of travel are countless. Here are some of them. It can widen our scope of knowledge. Traveling to another place, we expose ourselves to a new learning environment, where we gain new knowledge. It helps us relieve the pressure of work. We all need some time off to go traveling for relaxation. It also enables us to learn something useful. We may learn to speak new languages, cook something different, or live better. Indeed, the more often we travel, the more we learn about the world.

  Last summer vacation, I spent one month and a half traveling around the United States. I stayed in several famous cities, including New York and Los Angeles. I also went to several popular holiday resorts, such as the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park and so on. During my travels in the United States, I experienced different cityscapes, enjoyed some views of breathtaking beauty, tasted a large assortment of fine gourmet foods, acquainted myself with so many fun and unusual novelties, and improved my English. I really did have a wonderful time and look forward to another trip.

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    This is my occasional essary that its circumstance is alike express the story you travelld abroad.

    I say something like Flea Market in Taiwan and say like otherwise


    In the UK, Car Boot Sales are a form of market in which

    ....the inhabitants come together in the grounds such as

    ....the grassy fields, parking lots and so on to sell their goods.

    The US, having Garage sale,Yard Sale, Tag Sale ,Attic Sale ,

    ....Moving Sale or Junk Sale,these are informal and irregularly

    ....scheduled events for the sale of used goods by inhabitants .

    And also,it's like Swap Meet usually takes place during day time

    .....on the weekends.

    Let's talk about ;

    .....Night Market, Night Bazaars, Street Foods, and Street Vendors,

    ... in the Asian region countries like China, Hong Kong,Macau,

    .....Singapore,Malaysia,and Taiwan,etc.

    The sellers are always to be occupied streets or rosds.

    Most of the places are specialized in little snack foods or drink, seems the clothing, consumer goods with inexpensive price

    If the chance I have, keeping my time to visit those.

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