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What exactly is this Heath Bill Obama is trying to pass?



I have medical problems that wont be covered once i turn 21. I want to know more about this bill...

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  • Curt J
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    So far, it has only passed the House. The Senate version is still bogged down and may never make it to a vote, as the Dems in charge, can't even get many of their own party to vote for it.

    Beyond that, don't expect "coverage" to start soon, as the taxes to fund this abortion would start immediately, with no requirement to set the monies collected aside to pay for it, but the coverage itself, won't start until 2013, after Obama, and presumably, most of the Liberals that are ramming this down the throats of the US citizenry, are safely out of office.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You may be surprised, because it won't be signed into law because the congress and the senate will try to make the health care bill a repeal of Roe. Vs. Wade, and Obama will not sign the bill if it tries to exclude abortion or the funding. If the mighty congress and senate of America want to revoke Roe vs Wade there are ways of doing so without destroying the health care bill. Good luck with getting sick, you are not going to get a health care bill this year.!!!!!!!!1

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  • Ruth S
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    1 decade ago

    The Bill only passed in the HOUSE, it has to go through the Senate before making it a law!!! IF, and God help us if it does go through, you will find out ASAP when you really need medical help!!! Depending on YOUR medical problem and disability, you had better go get whatever ails you before the end of the year, fixed!!! I don't trust those guys in DC any further than I can throw them!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Trying? Where have you been? It already passed. Basiclly you are just required to buy expensive medical insurance or face a severe fine and possible jail time. He's a real POS

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