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What could cause easy bruising besides anemia?

I bruise easily without any explanation. I do not bump into things, they just appear at random times and sometimes in strange places that I know could not have bumped into something. I have had blood work done to test for anemia, but I'm not anemic. Looking for other explanations.

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    Hemophilia, low platelet count, factor deficiencies. Have your physician do a coagulation wkup with PTT, APTT & Factors. Also these OTC medicines Advil, Motrin, ibuprophen (NSAIDS), aspirin, fish oils, ginger, garlic,all thin out your blood. Also excessive exposure to the sun can thin your skin.

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    A bruise or contusion or ecchymosis is a kind of injury, usually caused by blunt impact, in which the capillaries are damaged, allowing blood to seep into the surrounding tissue. They often induce pain but are not normally dangerous. Sometimes, however, bruises can be serious, leading to hematoma, or can be associated with serious injuries, including fractures and internal bleeding. Minor bruises are easily recognized by their characteristic blue or purple color in the days following the injury. The word "bruise" is also used for fruit — a fruit is considered bruised when an impact breaks its internal water-containing structures, leading to a soft spot. More generally, "bruise" is used metaphorically to mean any minor injury: one's ego might be "bruised" if one's painting was not included in a gallery showing, for example. The implication is that the injury is painful but minor and will recover on its own. The presence of bruises may be seen in patients with platelet or coagulation disorders. Unexplained bruising may be a warning sign of child abuse or serious medical problems, such as leukemia and meningoccocal infection. Anybody with unexplained bruising needs urgent examination by a doctor. The extent of bruising depends on many factors. The state of the tissue (tensed muscle versus relaxed muscle, for example) can make a large difference, as can the effect of being crushed against underlying bone. People also vary in the sturdiness of their capillaries — some people bruise more easily than others. A deficiency in Vitamin C can make a person more susceptible to bruises.

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    some people bruise easier than others i personally have to knock into something really hard to form a bruise. I have a friend who is the exact opposite and i think that its funny. She was with her boyfriend one time and came over with bruised blue lips. Her skin bruises super easy and she doesn't have anything wrong with her. Its just that their skin is super sensitive.

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    not sure, ive heard vegitareans bruise easily, are you?

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