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Skin bleaching Vs. Tanning?

Why was it such a big deal on the Tyra show when women were bleaching their skin. No one ever rants when people go tanning. It's a double standard that i do not understand. They are both damaging and they both represent "self-hate". Saying that tanning is natural is not acceptable by me because tanning beds aren't a part of nature and neither is cans of orange spray. When Caucasian people dye their hair every month and go tanning weekly they're just improving their features. But when ethnic women get weaves and relaxers and bleach their skin they hate themselves? I do not condone in either bleaching nor tanning, they both can cause cancer.

I do not bleach my skin, nor do i wear weaves, but i do relax my hair to make it more manageable. I don't hate my natural hair, its just much easier to deal with relaxed hair.

This is me..


I added a picture because I love myself.

Update 2:

No matter how "natural" you guys say tanning is, it is still altering the pigmentation of the skin. Sun tanning can be healthy for the skin, but over tanning can be damaging. Natural things shouldn't be damaging should they?

Update 3:

Who said I was tanned? Dumb girl.

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    You are so right! I actually wonder this same thing myself all the time. Whenever people ask about ways to get lighter, they get michael jackson jokes, but society seems to think it is perfectly fine for people to go tanning. And for those posters who said tanning is natural, the tanning bed has probably fried your brains because you are idiots. Tanning is not natural. Maybe if you are outside in the sun, but you have to be completely stupid if you think that spray tans and tanning salons are natural. If people are allowed to tan to change their skin color, then people should be allowed to bleach too. Period.

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    they are both pointless. Why is it seen as bad to be pale. Im very pale and admit trying fake tan before because everyone else tans or wears fake tan and in magazines they are always saying oh pale and ugly, pale and unhealthy looking. Now i just like being pale, though i cant find makeup to match. And skin bleaching is dangerous and pointless too, there is no perfect, right skin colour. The colour you are born with is the colour you are meant to be, no point wasting time and money to change it to what the media tell you is right, its just to make money out of people.

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    This isn't really a question but I completely agree with you. I never really think about tanning as such a bad thing as bleaching. Maybe because it's advertised more. Such as you don't see commercials for products to bleach your skin. It seems like we're desensitized to tanning and it doesn't seemed as frowned upon as it probably was a decade ago.

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    Because the debate about "skin bleaching/weaves and relaxers" is one that is rooted in what society and the media pressure black woman into being. Its a very complicated/deep discussion. The major difference between skin bleaching and skin tanning is "choice".

    Many believe that blacks throughout the world practice skin bleaching to become more acceptable to mainstream society. And thus have access to a better life, socially and economically.

    While whites who practice skin tanning are doing so out of "choice" and vanity.

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    It all has to do with the very much hated media. They portray that image. Shows and soaps advocate the "platinum blonde/orange skin" image.

    You're pretty! Don't let what the media says change you otherwise. Sometimes I get my hair relaxed too because it gets too wild to manage (i'm african too). That doesn't mean i'm sucummbing to the media, but rather what I feel is comforting.

    Besides those who tan mostly go to better themselves.

    Those who bleach mostly have a progress skin disease that gives the spots of white color. After all, that's what happened to Michael Jackson, and everyone bashed him for it. It was GENETIC; you can't change genes.

  • No one ever says anything about the hypocritical things White people say and do, but recently Blacks have been getting attacked and called racist all at once. I don't tan or bleach. I guess my mom and dad gave me a nice complexion because I always get compliments. Females black and white shouldn't use that stuff. It causes cancer...

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    You should read Laura Jefferson’s book "Skin Whitening At Home" ( I saw it's also available in electronic format +video: ). After 8 weeks I managed to get my skin a few tones whiter and I also got rid of freckles.

    The method she teaches in her book is natural, inexpensive, and is readily available in most homes. You could even find some ingredients in your own backyard. The most wonderful thing about the method she shares in her book is that it will help you whiten or lighten your skin pigmentations, freckles, age spots, acne marks, dark underarms, melasma, or your overall skin color easily and naturally without breaking your bank or producing dangerous side effects. Good Luck!

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    Ok,well here's MY 2 CENTS....

    We are BOTH tryng to be something we are not LOL

    You are right,when white,we want darker skin,lip injections,ect,ect

    When your black,you want lighter skin,longer hair,ect,ect

    Soooo,your only talking about CERTAIN PEOPLE,not our race as a"whole",b/c I certainly see the truth,and I have NEVER judged a black person for wanting anything you mentioned on that list,that's the truth:-)

    And BTW...You are beautiful,I'm sure you already know that and that's why you posted the pic along with this debate,but really...don't judge us all....there are good/bad white people..and there are good/bad black people,that's anywhere you go:-)

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    Tanning is natural, skin bleaching is freaking chemical. No matter how you look at it even if some people and tanning salons go overboard, the same thing would happen if they had the time to stay in the sun. But skin bleaching? not gonna happen, not even if you hid in the darkest cave for 10 years, without chemicals you wont go any lighter than your natural color. There's no comparison, put the cream down and stop pointing to other people when your perversion is disdained.

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    As a guy I don't do any of those things, but I get where you're coming from. When ethnic people get cosmetic alterations which are deemed more "Caucasian" they are hated on, but when caucasians try and look more ethnic no one really cares. The sad this is it's our fellow ethnic people who make this double standard. I could get into the whole self hate psyc theory but i won't.

    I only posted to tell you that you look very pretty. ;) hahah

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