Why is the Democratic party is better than the Republican party? Why is the Republican party better than the..?

Democratic party?

Please include if you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent?

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    Both parties have their strengths and weaknesses. You've asked for strengths.

    The Democratic Party is good for social care. Ministries and social work is best done by Democrats. If you agree with socialism, Democrats are "better" because socialism is a Leftist idea and the party of the Left is the Democratic Party.

    The Republican Party is good for prosperity and moral preservation. A Democrat once told me that Republicans should be in charge of letting a Democrat spend as much as we can afford. And you'll find more people that claim to use their religion as a basis to know "what is right" in the Republican Party.

    When you evaluate how Republicans and Democrats are better, it's best to do that in a pure analysis. Right now, the House, Senate, and President are all Democrat controlled. Look what is happeneing. It's the classic Robinhood "steal from the rich and give to the poor" that is not sustainable long-term in our country. George Bush had 6 years of pure Republicanism from 1994-2000. Although the economy did quite well, some business had questionable results as they may have been too free to be greedy. (Think Enron, Tyco, Worldcom here.)

    (I'm a conservative Republican)


    I must respond to some of the responses as I'm shocked people think that way. When Republicans help "rich people", that attracts wealth, investment, and success. If Democrats punish "rich people", they chase jobs and wealth out of the country to China, India, Mexico or elsewhere. I know this first hand as I work in an industry closing factories in the US and opening them in Asia. (My passport has extra pages in it because I do so much outsourcing.) The Chinese government doesn't look out for the "little guy" so much and corporations are drawn to that to make profits. And those profits don't dare come into the US because the government will want to take them. So they invest or bank those profits elsewhere helping some other country. The more "big businesses" or "the rich" are helped in the US, the more jobs and wealth they will create IN THE US. But I do understand class-envy. The "little guy" just wants someone to take a piece of the corporations "pie" and give it to them. Many "simple voters" don't understand macro economics and therefore just rely on the "it's not fair" or "stick it to them" method to vote for a Democrat. If you want to vote for a Democrat, please... at least find something better than "I don't like rich people" to justify it.

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    the transformations between those rwo events is quite trivial, they the two stand for an ever increasing government point of government intervention. the transformations upward thrust up from what those innovations and increasing powers could be. so as per why one is greater valuable than the different is honestly a be counted of very own selection, the two advise a elect for greater suitable governmental ability. Frankly the two are socialist (that's merely a fashionable euphemism for Fascism), that's the theory that the State is stronger to its voters, that it is the "greater suitable solid" that's paramount. the government could with no concern intrude interior the economic gadget, utilising such ability as costs of activity controls, taxation and "redistribution", that the flexibility of production be decrease than proprietary administration of the "inner maximum" sector as long because of the fact the State is stronger to all. money is used in a socialist economic gadget (in evaluation to commmunist) in spite of the undeniable fact that its fee is to be decrease than the only administration of the State (in evaluation to Capitalism). there is vast stages of collusion between the two events, in terms of increasing the governments point of "ability". they do no longer question no be counted if or no longer the government could "handle it", merely what could be accomplished. the end results of this has been a entire degradation of the concepts defined interior the Decl. of Ind. and the form. So why desire the Rep. over the Dem. usually speaking the democrats finally believe in larger stages of taxation than republicans, and for people who believe in a greater physically powerful gov't place interior the area of morality Rep. tend to realize this. The republicans additionally are greater aggressive in trems of distant places coverage which some like. honestly in spite of the undeniable fact that they are somewhat merely 2 factions of an identical party.

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    Neither party is better than the other. Only that certain parties represent people better than the other party. For example I come from a middle working class family from Philadelphia. Democrats normally support legislation that helps my family out versus the republican brand that helps families who make 250K+.

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    They have both been ransacked by the largest corporations in the world and have their sheep fighting with each other. F them both!

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    dems take care of poor people rep take care of rich people both r fu... vote anything but

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