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Why is it so hard for Obama to make a decision about Afghanistan, its been more than two months now?

John McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, renewed his call Wednesday for President Obama to make a decision on troop levels in Afghanistan "as soon as possible," as the president held his eighth meeting with war advisers.

Obama, who has spent more than two months mulling Gen. Stanley McChrystal's request for more troops, is not expected to announce his decision until after he returns Nov. 20 from a trip to Asia.

"I feel very strongly that we owe it to the men and women in the military and the national security interests of the United States of America to have that decision made and made as soon as possible," McCain, R-Ariz., said.

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    Because he's not an idiot who jumps into things like Bush or LBJ. If you read a real newspaper, you'd understand some of the issues that are being debated. He's listening to every side. For example, here are two generals who served there who disagree with one another:

    I'm just glad he doesn't take American lives for granted as Bush did.

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    President Obama is trying to be politically correct. He is trying to please the lefties who want us to abandon the people in Afganistan and Iraq the way we abandoned the Vietnamese. People seem to coose not to remember that 3 1/2 million people were murdered in Southeast Asia when we left. He should listen to his generals, not his political cronies. When politicians run a war, they lose every time!!

    He needs to decide whether we are going to stay or go. If we are going to go we should leave immediatly, there is no reason to have one more casualty there. If we are going to stay he has a moral obligation to give full support to the brave men and women who are fighting terrorism there.

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    "Success is achievable, but it will not be attained simply by trying harder or "doubling down" on the previous strategy. Additional resources are required, but focusing on force or resource requirements misses the point entirely. The key take away from this assessment is the urgent need for a significant change to our strategy and the way that we think and operate." ~ Gen. McChrystal's assessment of the war in Afghanistan.

    The part of his assessment that the Right does not talk about.

    also top military advisers have said they are comfortable with the pace of the process, and senior military officials have pointed out that the president still has time since no additional forces could begin flowing into Afghanistan until early next year.

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    Because he was going to end the wars and bring our troops home. If he sends more troops then he will be expanding the war not ending it.

    He and other lying liberals are in a corner now. They can't afford to send troops or they are shown to be liars. And the can't afford to lose the war there or they look soft on terrorists.

    But it is a moot point since they are both liars and soft on terrorists. So hes has stalled for no good reason and cost American and Afghan lives for his own political gain.

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    in case you had any government adventure, or knew everyone who did you may understand. In as much as you do no longer, you will be able to desire to have confidence people who do. a decision to deliver 30,000 adult adult males into conflict is distinctive than finding out what to have for lunch. it incredibly is why he's president of u.s. and you're ..... you.

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    Good ole' politics McCain. He was captured by the enemy, and that makes him the cattle prod of today's military. I'm glad he survived, but I don't think that gives him any credit for criticizing the commander in chief or the military on this.

    We have certain problems with our partners on this, and these have to be resolved; that's why the president needs to take his time before risking the lives of our soldiers.

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    1 decade ago

    Obama wants to send McChrystal the troops he wants, but he doesn't have the troops to send. I think he's trying to buy time until the troops stationed in Iraq begin to withdraw, so he'll have enough troops to send to Afghanistan.

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    Unlike the last prez, this one likes to have some actual facts to base his decisions on. I would think the troops who will be put in harms way, would appreciate that quality over the shoot first and find out the facts later method of the past administration.

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    They are interpreting the bowels of a goat right now in the War Council.

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    Where you first messed up was getting your info from FIXED News. Either way, would you rather him just send people to get killed with no strategy to come home like Pres.Bush did? Or would you like him to have some sort of plan? I would rather know that I have a date to come home when I deploy, not just that I'm going to be gone.

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