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Are there any good poetry books for adults?

I'm doing a speech tournament and I have to choose a poem any suggestions on a poem or book preferably a sad one

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    See if your library still has a copy of Understanding Poetry edited by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren. If not, go to your local college bookstore and get The Norton Anthology of Poetry. If they don't have a copy of it, they can get it. It's huge and it will have every poem you are interested in.

    Also, you can go to Google and find the complete text of lots of poems. Emily Dickinson would give you a wide selection of sad poems.

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    I can only give you what I have written:

    Xeres Grape

    I held my wine amidst the chatter

    Searching, remembering faces

    My thoughts entwined veracious

    Dimly lit O sorrowed places

    Amongst the Host's fair spaces

    I held my wine, my heart sublime

    Tis better felt - my sherry fine

    And those about with sundry sound

    Gave heed to that smooth tasting

    But as I sipped, felt trembling lip

    Sought more I did with hasting

    O great that blend in making

    Thus tipped my cup to them by wine

    Said: Better felt - my sherry fine

    Note: In the fifth line the word "amongst" might be "among". I wrote this from memory and do not have a copy of the book at hand to refer from.

    Source(s): Mine poetry comes to me unbidden, That affair of thought and heart written by Rodger Grondahl
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    Try Silvia Plath, T S Elliot, Ted Hughes, Ginsberg, Thomas, Blake.

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    I love the work of T.S. Elliot. He's suitable for adults. The Wreck of the Hesperus is sad. Very ornate. Tennyson is also great, if, again, you like more ornate writing.

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    I'm a big fan of David Kirby's "Elvis be my Psychopomp"

    I'm almost positive you can find it online. It certainly has a sad vibe, but with plenty of tongue in cheek wit and comedy to be entertaining.

    Good luck!

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