Whatsss the coldest temp for Californiaaa (usually)?

Howww bout hottest ?

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    1 decade ago
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    For places with weather or climate stations:

    The coldest station would be Truckee, CA. Tt is not uncommon on any given day to see that Truckee as the coldest overnight temperature the the lower 48 states.



    Death valley would be the hot spot for CA



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    It really depends on where in California you're talking about. In degrees Fahrenheit. It could get into the single digits in some place in the Sierra Nevada. But the temp could get as high as 120 in Death Valley.

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    southern cali? northern cali? california is a giant state.

    so cal daytime extremes = 50 high in winter to 105 high in summer. depending on if you live by the coast or in the desert areas.

    night time = 35 lowest in winter (socal mountains get colder) to 75 night time low in august.

    nor cal = 10-20% cooler in general.

    Source(s): i've lived in LA, San Diego & Orange County all my life.
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    usaully it is around 60 degress or higher hope this helps

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