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What does it mean when a dog digs a hole and lay down/rests in it? note: he's about 14 yrs old (human yrs)?

He's kind of old but I'm doubting that's the reason. We found out he has fleas and are taking care of it. We thought it was allergies and changed his food from pedigree to natural balance (allergy grain free) and yet he still has these rashes on his stomach and developed what look like nipples of a female dog on his stomach area as well. What could be wrong??!! Also, he's been continuously biting at one area of his butt, right above his tail. Is this the site of a tick or something?

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    The continuous biting at the base of the tail could be a classic sign of a thyroid problem, especially in a dog that old. The rash would fit the symptoms as well, if you can maybe have him checked out by your vet for a thyroid condition.

    As for why they dig holes, usually it is to cool themselves off. The hole is going to be much cooler than the top of the ground. Mine does this especially in the summer months. If your dog has a thyroid condition that can sometimes mess with the "internal thermostat" so to speak and make him warmer than he should be.

    The change in food was a great step and I would keep it up, natural balance is a much healthier food.

    Source(s): Vet Tech Student
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    When he digs the hole and lays down in it, that is to cool himself off. The dirt underneath the surface is much cooler than what's on top. Most dogs who spend any time outdoors will dig pits to lay in. The itching and biting that one spot on his butt sounds like the allergies, allergies are difficult because it's kind of shooting in the dark trying to find out exactly what he's allergic to. Many dogs are allergic to fleas, so definitely take care of the fleas. I've had amazing sucess with Comfortis flea preventative for dogs, it's a pill instead of a liquid and works much better in my opinion. With the liquids, sometimes the dog rolls in dirt and it just is rubbed right off. The nipples on his stomache should have been there all along. All dogs male and female have them. They have them in two rows going from their lower stomache area all the way up to about even with their elbows. Don't worry. It's possible for the one site to be a tick, but flea allergies will cause him to itch that one spot as well, even if that's not where he was bit at. I hope this helps! Good luck!

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    Lol. Well if he's had fleas long enough, then the rashes are probably caused by those. Fleas also explains why he bites at his butt so much. They probably bother him in that area a lot.

    Male dogs have nipples, just like females. So it's not "odd" that he would have them. He's probably always had them, you just never noticed. However if you are meaning that they have swollen up like a pregnant female's than he needs to be seen by a vet. It's a concerning event.

    And when a dog digs a hole in the ground and lays in it, they are only finding comfort from the weather. Whether that be to cool in the summer or to find warmth in the winter. It doesn't mean anything more than that.

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