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Poll: Who do you think would be perfect for the following princess/fairytale roles? Live action not cartoon.?

Belle -

Rapunzel -

Anastasia -

Aurora -

Ariel -

Jasmine -

Snow White -

Dame Gothel -

The Witch-Queen (Snow White) -

Gretel -

Hansel -

Cinderella -

Cinderella's step sisters -

Seven Dwarfs -

Prince Charming -

Prince Adam (Beast) -

Prince Bastion (Rapunzel's prince) -

Gaston -

Prince Eric -

Prince Philipp -

That evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty -

I think for Rapunzel, Mandy Moore would be perfect. And for Snow White....ME!!!! Oops! I mean Anna Popplewell.


And I forgot the good fairies from Sleeping Beauty, and of course, Cindy's fairy godmother and the enchantress from Beauty & the Beast. And also King Triton and Ursula.

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    Belle - Harriet Harman

    Rapunzel - Carol Vorderman

    Anastasia - Sarah Jane

    Aurora - Posh Spice

    Ariel - Kylie Minogue

    Jasmine - Sinita

    Snow White - Julian Clary

    Dame Gothel - Graham Norton

    The Witch-Queen (Snow White) - Stephen Fry

    Gretel - Pamela Anderson

    Hansel - Robbie Williams

    Cinderella - Delia Smith

    Cinderella's step sisters - Tom Baker, David Tarrant

    Seven Dwarfs - Prince, Papa Smurf, Donald Duck, Richard Hammond, Ronnie Corbett, Toulouse Lautrec, Stuart Little

    Prince Charming - Lindsay Lohan

    Prince Adam (Beast) - Brian Blessed

    Prince Bastion (Rapunzel's prince) - Silvio Berlusconi

    Gaston - Ellen Degeneres

    Prince Eric - Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Prince Philipp - Prince Phillip

    That evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty - David Cameron

    Sleeping Beauty - Kelly Osborne

    Cindy's fairy godmother - Paula Abdul

    The enchantress from Beauty & the Beast - Simon Amstell

    King Triton - Barack Obama

    Ursula - Joss Stone

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