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What is happening at your location? (Weather)?

Hi there, I live in St. Paul and I have found out that the weather was a bit weird this year. In October, there were two days that it have snow and it seems like it got colder this year as if its already winter, and last spring it didn't rain that much. It was September that has rain a lot so it kind of looks like the weather has moved to a month late.

So has any thing strange happening at your location? like the weather was late or too early?

Or weather happens at a month that it isn't suppose to?

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    Not much. 47 degrees, completely clear, and very quiet here in the St. Louis suburbs. The high was 62.

    El Nino brought us a cooler than normal summer, and early fall weather, as well as a very rainy October (wettest October in St. Louis). I think that El Nino brings milder winter temperatures, but with increased snowfall.

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    The weather here in the Hampton Roads, Va, suck. The remnants of Ida is bring with it flooding rain (6 - 12 inches of rain is expected), strong winds (60+ mph wind gusts is expected), near record high tides (tides expected to run at 8.2 feet above normal), and all this is suppose to last through Friday. Yuck!

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    We broke 14 records in highs in 2009 where I live

    SW FL

    We got more than 1.5 inches

    Big Nor easter combining with remains of IDA

    Worse than a category 1 hurricane

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    Worcester MA


    Mostly cloudy and kinda raw and damp

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    well i live i northeast florida its past hurricane season and im getting the last of

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