i have a few questions about the polygraph testing in baltimore city police department and relating 2 marines?

ok i am a united states marine reservist and i want to be in baltimore city police but i have used drugs in the past. all under the age of 16. I have smoked pot, used coke, mushrooms and extacy.

Again this is all before the age of 16 and i am 19 now and an iraqi war vet. Could i still be hired or would stupid mistakes i did as a kid prevent me from it.

The other part is that on my marine screening i put i only smoked weed twice. When the police pollygraph shows i have done more drugs could this get me in trouble with the marines?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your already off to a bad start with all the lying. As a Police Officer You need the highest integrity, You have shown already that you do not mind lying if it gets you what you want. Then again I do not represent all agencies and what they are willing to allow. If you get caught on the Polygraph consider Police Career gone. You not the worst person who has ever applied but your not the best.

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