What is the ABSOLUTE best gtx 295 manufacturer?

I want the absolute best proven and benchmarked manufacturer and specific model of gtx 295 that will run the best and cool. I am specifically concerned about heating issues. Please top 3 manufacturers, which one is the best and a link please.


I want the COOLEST running gtx 295

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    There is little difference between manufacturers in terms of actual hardware. Most adhere to the reference card specifications. What differences there are centers around the bundle, logo's, price, and rebates. Almost all computer components are mass produced and quality can vary from company to company and even within a given model.

    From what I have seen/used, EVGA or PNY make the best quality Nvidia cards, and that is what I would recomend to anyone purchasing a NVIDIA video card. I'd give the third place to XFX.

    The GTX 295 is already a massively powerful card, so overclocking it on an already powerful PC may not be necessary. If you're going to overclock anyway, avoid the cards that come overclocked from the factory, they will cost more. The GTX 295 is a dual card solution so temperatures will be a factor along with the need to balance between two GPU cores, but since all the GTX 295's have dual slotted coolers, you should be fine up to a point.

    Before purchasing, check the store warranty to see if they will take it back should it fail after about 30 days. Beyond that, the manufacturer will take a defective card back and replace it.

    Oh and btw, do not install the drivers that come with the card as they are hopelessly out of date, instead, download newer drivers directly from NVidia's website.

    So my recommendation would be this EVGA monster. Consider it only if you don't plan on overclocking. If you're familiar with OCing, go for a stock model instead.


    PS: As for your overheating concerns, if you are going to OC the card you need an after-market cooler, but if you are happy with the stock you don't need it. I don't think there are any after-market coolers available for this monster yet. I suggest getting a PCI Card fan and surround your card with it, if cooling really becomes an issue.

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    The 295 Is now the superb canines, it beats the 4870x2 in each recreation by using 10-15% in physique fee. It additionally has a great cooling unit, permitting it to run 5-10 ranges cooler The 295 beats out the 4870 X2 ordinary, or perhaps whilst their in SLI they beat out the 4870X2 in corssifre the max u can placed is two of each card

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    1 decade ago

    EVGA GTX295 Mars edition


    THE ABSOLUTE fastest video card in the world....period

    to bad only 1000 were made and sold for about 2,759.99$ a pop : \

    back in reality...


    that is the fastest card. now remember that is TWO GTX295 processors on one board.

    480SPU (240x2) @ a face stomping 602Mhz/1296Mhz

    1792MB (896x2) Dual memory banks for each GPU

    That card rapes and pillages the crysis engine.

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