What is the difference between the XBox 360 arcade, pro, and elite?

What is the difference between the XBox 360 arcade, pro, and elite? Which would be better to buy. And what do I need to go online with them.

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    Arcade:includes no hard drive,

    Pro: almost like an elite but a little less stuff

    Elite:everything you'll need

    You will need to buy it in the strore it says XBL 12 month card

    An INternet connection a long ethernet cable or 100$ wireless thing

    Buy the elite only 299$ now and all you'll need

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    Actually, it's a lot different than the PS3 40GB and 60GB.. with the Xbox 360 the base console hardware is always the same.. the only difference between the bundles is the accessories.. with the PS3 the hardware is different.. the 60GB PS3 has 97% backwards compatibility to PS2 games.. the 40GB PS3 has 0% backwards compatibility because they took out the hardware that supported it.. and there is no way to upgrade the 40GB PS3 to have the capability of the 60GB PS3..

    Here is a rundown of Xbox 360 bundles:


    Arcade: $279.99

    Premium: $349.99 (Pro is the same as Premium)

    Halo SE: $399.99

    Elite: $449.99


    Arcade: 256MB memory unit

    Premium & Halo SE: 20GB hard drive

    Elite: 120GB hard drive

    Video Cable:

    Arcade: Composite cable

    Premium & Halo SE: Component HD cable (up to 1080p)

    Elite: Component HD cable + HDMI cable (both up to 1080p)


    Arcade & Premium: White

    Halo SE: “Spartan green and gold”

    Elite: Black

    Other stuff:

    Premium & Halo SE & Elite: ethernet cable

    Premium & Halo SE & Elite: Xbox Live headset

    Halo SE: Play and Charge kit

    Other than that some Premium & Elite packages have 2 games packed in.. the Arcade has a disk with 5 arcade game.. All consoles now come with a wireless controller.. All consoles have a HDMI output port..

    Basically the Arcade is good to get started with.. the memory unit can be used to save games.. you can play online on Xbox Live.. you can add on the hard drive later if you want.. If you plan to play online a lot or plan to download xbox live arcade games or other content from xbox live you will probably want the Premium.. If you plan to download lots of content like High Def movies from the marketplace you will want the Elite. The only difference between the Halo SE and the Premium is the coloring and the Halo SE comes with a play and charge kit for the controller..

    Because the base systems are the same when you decide you need more functionality in the future you can just buy the additional accessories.. so say you buy an Arcade today and later decide you should have bought the Elite.. you can buy the 120GB hard drive, video cables and Xbox Live headset and end up with the exact same functionality as you would have had with the Elite (it just won't be black)..

    Good luck..

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    the only real difference is the size of the hard drive

    the Arcade doesn't have one so you cant go online with it

    the Pro has 60 gigs

    and the Elite has 120 gigs but also comes in black

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    each one has its own price.

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