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AC DC FTW asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

EWW RAW come pick who wins?

;Last Week we saw the Lashley/Mysterio feud hype up as Lashley challenged Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series also we saw The hardy say they will win the World Tag Team Championship saying Y2J and Christian don' deserve the belt also Angle and Punk go ion and said they will each find 4 superstars and have a 10 man tag team match a survivor series and Undertaker took ow the GM Eric Bischoff and the chairman Stephanie McMshon

the show opens with this the crowd cheers as Mick Foley gets a standing ovation he enters the ring has a mic and says" i was called up by the board of directors and was told to show up and be GM until further notice and their will be big changes around here first off Undertaker your not allowed to put your hands on me because if you do their will be serious consequences second tonight first match will kick off with a women's tile number 1 contenders match so sit back and enjoy the show micks music comes on as he leaves

match .1 women's tile Number 1 contenders match Lita{with Rated RKO} vs Mickie James{i choose who wins} in this match mickie is about to win as she goes for a DDT but is reversed but la into her own DDT and wins after the match la grabs a able puts it in the ring and sets i on fire hen she puts mickie on he top rope then does a powerbomb from the top rope through the flaming table

backstage is Mick Foley Jericho and Christian enter his office "Jericho" mick why would you make us compete tonight we are the grates tag champs ever and we shouldn't have to prove that and you know i don't get why the board of directors would let someoe like you take over as GM"mick" jericho you 2 will compete tonight and if you 2 claim your the greatest tag champs go out tier and prove it now get out of my office before your stripped of your tag titles i have more important business then you two girls disturbing me"

match 2. The Legacy vs Sabu and Tommy Dreamer

after the match the hardy attack The Legacy and hen put them through tables giving them a preview of survivor series

backstage is RATED RKO"lita i whopped Mick James *** ow their did you us see her mickie james is so week and can't compete with me us like at survivor series all 3 of will win because we are dominate and nobody will get on our way

match 3. Y2Chrisian vs Motor City Machine Guns non title

backstage is Mick Foley at survivor series HBK, HHH and Undertaker will face off in a hardcore match

match 4. Undertaker vs Bobby Lashley non tile

after the match Mysterio comes ow with a chair and beats the hell ow of lushly with it rye hits lashhley across the skull then his him in he back with the chair then he dropkicks him doing a 619

match 5. CM Punk vs Evan Bourne

after the match Angle and 4 men in black ambush Punk Angle does a angles slam then they all stomp out Punk angle says"punk let me introduce my team for survivor series Big SHow, Sting, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash all 4 men including me are powerful and will kick your teams @ss

backstage is Triple H being interviewed"last week was a viscous assault on my wife HBK/Undertaker 1 of you guys did his and whoever did will pay because they will wish hey never messed with my wife come survivor series the game will come out on top and i will cripple bu of you i am tired of being disrespected" HBK comes flying and clotheslines HHH then he throws HHH ion the screen backstage and says"Hunter i know it was you who took out my your just trying to play the McMaon game playing incite

match 6. Shelton Benjiam vs MR Kennedy

backstage is Undertaker" HBK/HHH while you 2 ponder back and for at each i sit back and enjoy this beating nil survivor series is when the demand of death valley comes out and destroys as you to have crossed my evil side and this is what happens when somebody crosses the dark side of The Undertaker

at survivor series edge will defend his world tile against Swagger and Oron will defend his EWW Title against RVD but tonight RVD and Swagger are forced to team up and face Rated RKO

main even Rated RKO{Edge and Orton with Lita} vs Jack Swagger and RVD

after the match Rated RKO takes out heir opponents for survivor series giving both them con chairtos and hey hold up their respects world titles that will defend in 2 weeks rated rko music comes on as shows foes off

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  • 1 decade ago
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    2.The Legacy

    3.Motor City Machine Guns


    5.CM Punk

    6.Shelton Benjamin

    7.Jack Swagger and RVD

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    tournament a million: Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von (Rey and Evan immiediately decide for Swagger and Shelton has to assist him out. on a similar time as those 2 communities are distracted, Elijah and Marcus are available in to win the tournament) tournament 2: group 3-d tournament 3: Mick Foley tournament 4: Evolution win by using DQ whilst the Rock and HBK are available in and beat them up. tournament 5: Kofi Kingston and John Morrison win ; Kane chokeslams AJ in direction of the tournament inflicting him to get pinned. tournament 6: Katie Lea, Beth Phoenix, and Natalya win tournament 7: Chris Jericho wins; he reverses candy Chin song into the partitions of Jericho and HBK faucets out. substantial adventure replaced into cool 5/5

  • 1 decade ago


    Jericho and Christian


    CM Punk

    Shelton Benjamin

    Rated RKO

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