How can i live in England?

i currently live in australia, and have lived in this same country for 23 years. i want out. But my life is alot like rachel's on friends (season 1). Living off my parents, getting waited on hand & foot. i've been so sheltered, that i don't know if i'll survive in the big bad world. my parents aren't really supportive, they tell me that i won't cope. But i really want to try. I'll have NO money, job, visa, friends (i do have family in london, an aunt, uncle & cousin i've never met before), but i really want to leave & venture off on my own. what should i do??? Could i live in london if i were studying something? or even working part time?? would money be enough for a 1 bedroom apartment?? I understand money is twice as much as australian dollars, and i LOVE the wintry/gloomy weather, i despise heat! I'm also on a pention here in australia, so will that apply? does anybody know how much i'd get fortnightly with a pention? i really want a new life :)


i actually live in sydney, so that helps alot, knowing what its like..hmm i've never had a study visa before, wow i'm excited, i want to do it. i wonder how i go about getting a study visa.. where do i go?? hmm.

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    Don't let your parents tell you what you can and can't do. I'd suggest you try and get a study-visa and go. It is the easiest way to get into the whole lifestyle of England. And that way you'll get friends that can help you too. Maybe live with your relatives in London for a while just til you get on your feet. You can always work in Tesco's or Sainsbury's (or some other teller job).

    If you want to do this you can. England's not that hard to live in, I know quite a few Australians who have decided to live and work in England. It might be a bit more exspensive ove there than what you're used to, but money's not everything. Work now, save up some money and then go on a study-visa. (Or work-visa if you don't want to study, but studying is the best way to get friends).

    1. Get a job

    2. Save the money

    3. get a work/study-visa

    4. Ask your reatives if you can stay with them for a while

    5. GO

    Sydney and London a quite alike, so you shouldn't feel to out of place.

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    don't let your parents tell you what to do. I can't empathize, because i'm a citizen of england and america, but really, your parents are wrong here. you should go to england. if i weer you, i would just pack a bag, get on a plane, maybe book a hotel room, and just see what happens.

    Good Luck :) <3

  • Ellie
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    You don't want to move over here. Trust me

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