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Pink Floyd fans: What are 5 reasons why Led Zeppelin is better than Floyd? Why do you even compare PF to LZ?

1. Pink Floyd: you need LSD/acid to get into their music. With Led Zeppelin, just listening to them makes you high.

2. Pink Floyd are innovative with their cash registers, helicopters, classrooms, animals, lasers, toys and DSM t-shirts. Led Zeppelin are musical genuises; they don't need the toys PF needs to be successful: they have the best drummer, and one of the best vocalists and guitarists of all time.

3. Pink Floyd only produce slow music. Led Zeppelin produce all types of music; ranging from "Thank you", "Ten Years Gone" (slow) to "Immigrant Song", "Heartbreaker".

4. Led Zeppelin has experimented with all types of music genres. Their rock-infused interpretation of the blues and folk genres also incorporated rockabilly, reggae, soul, funk, classical, Celtic, Indian, Arabic, pop, Latin and country. Pink Floyd didnt explore too many genres.

5. LZ was more popular in the 70's than PF, when people used to listen to good quality music. The only reason people claim they "hate" LZ is because how the radio overplayed it, meaning they are jealous of the band's success. LZ inspired the best of bands, PF didnt. LZ inspired a whole generation of people in the 70's, PF didnt.

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    o man BOTH bands were GREEEEAAAAAT!!!

    why choose one over the other, listen to both, appreciate both!

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    I like both bands, both had moments of great creativity, both produced some very memorable songs. They are two completely different bands. My preference for one over the other depends on my mood. I've never used LSD, but can still appreciate Pink Floyd's as well as many other psychedelic bands music. One place that Led Zep will always have the advantage over Floyd is on stage. Given the complexity and sound effects used in Pink Floyd's music, it is nearly impossible to get a truly "live" performance from them. Much of it has to be prerecorded or programed into a synthesizer. Led Zep can play virtually all of their music with out electronic trickery on stage.

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    They aren't the same type of music.

    Neither is better than the other.

    I'm just going to respond to your points to make this easier.

    1) No you don't. I can say I've never done acid and I LOVE Pink Floyd.

    2) Pink Floyd didn't need those things to make amazing music. Just listen to Wish You Were Here.

    3) Listen to Young Lust.

    4) lol fail.

    5) Who cares? That's like saying the Jonas Brothers are the best because they're super popular right now. Or like... My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy were the best bands of the early 2000s. Your point doesn't make sense. :P

    ANYWAYS. Generally I enjoy Pink Floyd's lyrics more.

    Not to say Led Zeppelin didn't write amazing songs.

    Source(s): Maybe you should listen to a little more Pink Floyd before you start your comparisons. ;)
  • They are Both Great but Floyd is Better and go Listen to Not Now John or Sheep and Tell Me Pink floyd didnt Have Fast music

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    Good question actually, why would anyone compare the two? They both rock in their own way, PF was acid/trip rock and LZ was mainstream rock, not even really the same genre. Also you should be asking LZ fans why they're better than PF (kinda got it backwards.) Pink floyd is laid-back chilling music, LZ is rock-out energy music. No question LZ had more talented musicians, however I really believe the drugs involved with PF led to deeper more thoughtful (even though kinda depressing) lyrics.

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    Five reaosns? Im not gonna list five. I will just say that Zeppelin is better because their music is faster, louder and more rock based or party sounding. Black Dog, The Immigrant Song, The Song Remains The Same.. ... the list goes on.

    Both are great bands, but on the other hand most of Pink Floyds music was dark and somewhat depressing while Led Zeppelin music jacks me up and brings out my wild side.

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    It seems to me that when people such as yourself ask questions like the one you have make me ask myself.........why are you trying to or wanting to compare two great legendary bands. THAT'S STUPID.

    Led Zeppelin is Led Zeppelin. Floyd is Floyd. Both great bands, both great music. Each with there own style. I don't understand what the big deal is with questions like this. People love them both.

    I love them your point in asking this question is what?

    By the way, you don't need to do drugs to enjoy either one of these bands music, especially Pink Floyds.

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    They're completely different bands, each brilliant in their own way...why bother comparing the two? Just get over your little Pink Floyd hating obsession already.

    #5 means nothing, lol. Look at all of the popular bands of today. In music, popular =/= talented.

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    It is all opinion. But I personally like PF more than LZ

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    I don't compare Pink Floyd To Led Zeppelin and I shall thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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